Common Situations to Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction Accident Lawyer

Accidents occur almost daily on construction sites, and most of the time, they could have been avoided if the proper safety training had been provided. Whether you hurt yourself in a bad fall or by heavy machinery, fort lauderdale construction accident lawyers can help you get back to work faster and make sure your bills are paid while you heal. Here are some of the most common reasons why a construction lawyer might want to help you.

1. When you  fall

Research shows that falls are the most common cause of injuries on the job in the construction industry. There are many reasons why people fall, but most of the time, it is because the right safety gear and procedures are not used. If employees don’t follow the rules, the company is to blame, especially if they were told to skip safety steps to work faster to complete targets.

The construction industry as a whole is aware of problems like these. So a construction accident lawyer can help you prove your case better, such as the Nan Inc lawsuit, and help ensure no one else gets hurt in the same way because of a lack of proper company policy or pure employer negligence.

2. Faulty Equipment

Another common reason employees get hurt in the construction industry is when they use broken tools. Some of this high-risk construction equipment are scissor lifts, scaffolding, or cranes.

Keeping equipment in good shape is mandatory to ensure the proper safety of all workers. It can be expensive if not checked regularly. Sometimes, regular repairs are put off by the company to ensure no work is delayed or hampered, along with avoiding costs. However, suppose an employee is injured while using any such equipment and have proof that broken equipment is utilised repeatedly. In that case, the injured worker then has a   strong court case and can receive high compensation for their loss.

3. Electrical Injuries

In addition to broken equipment, misusing electrical equipment or putting equipment too close to power lines can be dangerous. Suppose you’ve been electrocuted or received any harm by electrical hazards. In that case, you should get in touch with a lawyer immediately and mention all that happened, including the lack of proper safety gear and procedures provided by the company.

4. Chronic pain and injuries that last a lifetime

In some construction jobs, you can get injuries that do not appear on the forefront until your body requires surgery or care for the rest of your life once noticed. Heavy lifting can hurt muscles and joints and cause long-lasting repercussions. These are hard to prove when you must present a case against your workplace and its contribution to the injury.

5. Injuries caused by carelessness or lack of knowledge 

Given how complicated construction sites are and the constant hustle and bustle of people and pieces of equipment around, it is not uncommon for unexpected accidents to occur due to others.   Some workers mentioned that their bosses have always put them to work with heavy equipment and machinery, without giving them enough training or supervision. Such cases often lead to accidents and deaths, which could have been prevented. If you were hurt in a situation like this and live in Florida, you should immediately talk to fort lauderdale construction accident lawyers.

Your lawyer can ensure you get justice and paid for accident-caused injuries, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you had to endure. They work hard to make sure that your employer reviews all policies and does a better job at keeping employees and their surroundings safe in the future.

6. If you don’t work for the construction company 

On construction sites, people who aren’t actively working there also tend to get hurt. Well-managed sites have fences and signs telling people to stay away from certain high-danger places, but this isn’t always the case. If you hired a construction company to complete a job and got hurt because of improper maintenance on your site, you may have a case. Anyone who gets hurt on your property can reach out to construction accident attorneys, who can help you understand who should pay for their loss and how to prove that the construction company is at fault.


Accidents and injuries happen all the time on construction sites, indicating the need for proper safety. No matter how big or small your injury is, you need a lawyer to protect you and help you get the money you deserve for lost time and medical bills. As a construction worker, you have rights against all kinds of injuries, so know your rights.

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