Common Solar Panel Myths

Solar Panel

Solar panels have become increasingly popular over time and people are realizing that a solar system is affordable. For all of your electricity needs, including solar panels, reach out to your local Idaho Falls electrician at Arco Electric. 

Myth #1: Solar panels only work in sunny climates

A common misconception is that solar panels work best in a sunny location. There is some truth to this statement but it is not entirely true. It is actually optimal to have solar panels in a colder climate since they only need sunlight and not heat from the sun in order to create electricity. 

Myth #2: Solar panels are too expensive

The upfront cost of solar panels is very intimidating and often scares many people away from investing their money. Though solar panels cost thousands of dollars, the benefits of using solar energy are far beyond worth it. Though not a guarantee, almost all solar companies offer payment plan options to make solar panels affordable to just about anyone. 

Myth #3: I need special insurance to install solar panels

Most homeowner insurance policies cover solar systems. It is wise to check with your insurance company first before signing any official paperwork for a solar system to be installed on your house. Another thing to make sure is that your insurance will cover the cost of the solar system. It is recommended to speak with an insurance agent to ensure there is no fine print that you are missing.

Myth #4: There’s no warranty for solar panels

Most solar panel companies have some sort of warranty that comes with your solar panel purchase. However, it does vary depending on the manufacturer and company you sign with. Some warranties that you can look into are power performance and product warranties.

Myth #5: Solar panels require a lot of maintenance

There are a few different types of solar panels that you can purchase and have installed. For the most part, solar panels have little to no maintenance required to use them. They work pretty well on their own!

Myth #6: Solar panels will have power during an outage

There is only one way to allow solar panels to have power during an outage: have a battery storage system. Solar panels are able to be used while there is power and unfortunately can’t run on their own without a battery in the case of a power outage.

Myth #7: Solar panels will damage the roof

Surprisingly enough, solar panels can actually protect the shingles on your roof from weather damage like hail or UV sun damage. It is possible to have a poor installation done if the company isn’t qualified, so it’s important to keep an eye out for that. Do your research on the solar company to make sure the reviews are positive and that they have good customer service.

Myth #8: There’s no electricity bills with solar 

This is a very understandable misconception to have about solar panels. It seems like if you’re going to begin using solar power that it would eliminate your electricity bill. This isn’t quite true. Having solar will decrease your electricity bills significantly but not eliminate them completely.

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