Compassionate Bitcoin Miners Rushed to Help

Bitcoin Miners

The term, Bitcoin miners/Bitcoin mining, conjures up visions of people rushing to discover new blocks. It also points towards people toiling for profits. However, as certain events have shown, Bitcoin Pro software, a mining platform, has a compassionate side to it, too. Outlined below are five of those events, which are still ongoing today.

Keeping Timber Dry

CryptoVault is in Norway. It is a Bitcoin mining company. Everyone has praise for this company with its dedicated CSR attitude! 

CryptoVault undertakes mining for blocks via 100% hydropower. True, the task results in tremendous generation of heat. However, the heat passes over the stacked, wet logs belonging to a local timber mill. Thus, the logs soon dry. The miner-dried timber reaches a local firewood company. 

The venture has led to other companies coming forward to initiate partnerships with CryptoVault. For instance, one such partnership involves companies requiring dried seaweed. 

The CEO of CryptoVault, Kjetil Hove Peterson, is keen to make good use of the waste heat generated through mining. As he rightly states, 99% of electric energy converts into thermal energy, which finds use cases in diverse industries.

Growing Food and Flowers

Bitcoin Bloem in the Netherlands permits miner heat to provide warmth to a family’s greenhouse. The family was using natural gas earlier, which turned out to be an expensive business. In fact, the price of gas seems to have skyrocketed. 

Bert de Groot, who founded Bitcoin Bloem is happy to have a mutually satisfying association with the greenhouse’s owners. They had installed electric heaters, when they found natural gas expensive. Now, they offer their electric heaters for use by miners. In return, the miners let them use the heat for free. Thus, the food-growing plants and flowers flourish!

Educating about BTC Mining

Merkle Standard is a sustainable BTC mining establishment. Recently, it initiated a partnership with Bitmain. The partnership led to the gifting of the latest in BTC mining technology to an educational institution in the State of Washington. The name  of the institution is Newport High School.

The partners would like the school to gain an education in cryptocurrency mining, for free. Furthermore, they have donated $10,000 towards the educational effort. However, this is not all. The CEO of Merkle Standard, Ruslan Zinurov, aims to invite the school’s students to the company’s data center. The students would be able to view the machine that was hashing on to their institution’s wallet. Thus, by reaching out to young minds, Merkle Standard hopes to awaken the entire community.

Helping a Disadvantaged Community

A group of miners discovered that a wastewater treatment plant in South Guatemala, required repairs. However, the economically disadvantaged community could not afford it. Therefore, the miners donated an S9 (It operates even in the absence of a host computer) to the region’s mayor. With the proceeds of the mining activities, the community may go ahead with the repairs.

The mining group is also donating funds for carbon-negative BTC mining R&D. Renewable energy, in the form of biogas, will power mining activities. As a result, the air quality in the region has already begun to show improvement. Above all, community incomes have received a boost

Heating a Swimming Pool

Jonathan Yuan is a keen fan of Bitcoin. Thanks to securing the Bitcoin network and immersion heating, his swimming pool remains warm throughout the year. 

Bitcoin mining helps him to heat his swimming pool in an inexpensive, quick, and more stable manner. Jonathan resides in Minnesota. He is happy that his children are happy! He is wondering if he may extend the heating capacity to As a result, the air quality in the region has improved. the whole house, in future. Knowing his enthusiasm, he will surely find a way out!

This is not all. Bitcoin miners scored on two other occasions too. For instance,  Business Cat has found a way to use the waste heat from BTC mining for making meat taste much better than before. This meat refers to dried meat that goes into making beef jerky. Similarly, Michael Schmid, a BTC enthusiast, took recourse to an S9 Bitcoin miner to warm his caravan. The propane gas heater had broken down. He declares that he saves around 50% on the costs of propane.

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