Complete List of December Global Festivities

Complete List of December Global Festivities

December ( also known as World of Holidays ) is the last month of the year for holidays, and happy moods. It is the best month to chat and amuse with friends and family, and celebrate it. The December Global holidays are celebrated for religious and cultural purposes and a lot of delicious food. In fact, December is the most popular month of cheering for December global festivities. Below is a comprehensive list of December Global Festivities and Religious Festivities commemorating all over the world.

December Global Festivities Complete List

To learn about exciting events in December, Take a look at the December Global Holidays List in the following:



This day is celebrated for the arrival of Krampusnacht who  punish misbehaving and naughty children. It is celebrated on 5th December by the people of Austria.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

A day celebrating on 8th December to pay tribute to Virgin Mary. Catholic people celebrate this day by praying in church. People relating to catholic church states celebrate this day including the United States, Brazil, etc.


Hanukkah is a major 8 day of December global festivities celebrated from November 28 – December 6. All celebrations include lighting of candles every night throughout the eight days. It commemorates the rededication of the Jerusalem Second Temple. 


Celebrated by the German people to honor the Norse god Odin and give thanks to their god and goddess. People, in this December global festivity, built and prepared Yule altar, candlelit dinner and Yule tree decorations. Date of celebration is on 21st December.

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia, Italian saint, is remembered on 13th December as a tribute to Lucia for martyrs. Lucia is considered as a symbol of light and hope. This December Global Festivity is of religious kind.

Winter Solstice 

Winter Solstice is a celebration of the shortest day of winter and longest night of 21st December. It is the time when the length of the day is increasing.

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It is one of the major December Global Festivities celebrated in the US. 23rd December day is the stand against Christmas consumerism and Christmas tree decorations.



Christmas is a historical holiday remembering and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December. It is the most celebrated December Holiday all across the world. Celebrations include Christmas tree decorations, Santa Claus, Snowy landscapes, camping across the beach, distribution of gifts, etc.

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Kwanzaa is one of the December Global festivities celebrating to preserve African values and rights. It is celebrated in the United States with traditional African songs, poetry, and discussions on African values followed by a huge meal and mega feast on 31st December.

 New Year’s Eve

It is 31st December, saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year. There are numerous ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some people go to sacred and religious places and thank God, While some celebrate  with great meals and gathering with their friends.

There are many other December Global festivities that you can celebrate with your great style and mood. The purpose of these holidays is only to celebrate and fresh your mind and your style by different festival activities. 

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