Comprehensive List of Adjectives Beginning with J

Adjectives Beginning with J

The letter “J” has a fascinating background. It is really a pretty brand-new enhancement to the English alphabet. Prior to medieval times, if the letter “i” was complied with by an additional vowel, it as well as was pronounced as “y.” In the center Ages, the letter “J” was designated to this sound, so a word like “iest” changed right into “jest.” Who knew, right? It’s such a common letter, to our expertise. Yet, certainly, it didn’t enter the English language till later on in history. Now to take a look at common adjectives that begin with “J”.

Now you have actually landed on the best area for list of adjectives that begin with letter J! Ok, that may have been a bit over-the-top, yet we simply wished to highlight a few of the descriptive powers of the letter J and J adjectives. While there aren’t as lots of adjectives starting with J compared to several other letters, there absolutely are some succulent ones.

·  Jabber

·  Jabbering

·  Jacketed

·  Jacksonian

·  Jacobean

·  Jacobinic

·  Jaculable

·  Jaded

·  Jadish

·  Jagged

·  Jaggy

·  Jain

·  Jainist

·  Jake

·  Jam

·  Jamaican

·  Jammed

·  Jam-Packed

·  Jangling

·  Japanese

·  Jarred

·  Jarring

·  Jaundiced

·  Jaunty

·  Jaw-Dropping

·  Jawed

·  Jazzed

·  Jazzy

·  Jealous

·  Jeering

·  Jejune

·  Jeopardizing

·  Jerkwater

·  Jerky

·  Jessant

·  Jestful

·  Jesting

·  Jeweled

·  Jewish

·  Jiggish

·  Jiggling

·  Jim-Dandy

·  Jimp

·  Jingoistic

·  Jinx

·  Jinxed

·  Jittering

·  Jittery

·  Job-Killing

·  Jobless

·  Jocose

·  Jocoserious

·  Jocular

·  Joculatory

·  Jocund

·  Jogging

·  Joined

·  Joint

·  Jointed

·  Joker

·  Jokey

·  Joking

·  Jolif

·  Jolly

·  Jolted

·  Jolty

·  Jordanian

·  Journalistic

·  Jovial

·  Jovian

·  Jowly

·  Joyful

·  Joyless

·  Joyous

·  Joysome

·  Jubilant

·  Judaic

·  Judaical

·  Judaistic

·  Judas

·  Judge

·  Judgmental

·  Judicable

·  Judicial

·  Judiciary

·  Judicious

·  Jugular

·  Juiceless

·  Juicy

·  Julian

·  Jumbled

·  Jumbo

·  Jumentous

·  Jumping

·  Jumpy

·  Jungian

·  Jungly

·  Junior

·  Junky

·  Junliant

·  Junoesque

·  Jural

·  Jurassic

·  Juridic

·  Juridical

·  Jurisdictional

·  Jurisprudential

·  Jurist

·  Juristic

·  Just

·  Justifiable

·  Justificative

·  Justificatory

·  Justified

·  Jutting

·  Juvenile

·  Juxtaposed

There are in fact very few adjectives that begin with J. In English, the letter J did not show up till near completion of the Center Ages. It was the last letter contributed to the alphabet, and began “life” as the letter I. It was initially made use of in Roman Numerals to reveal the last letter i. For instance, you may have seen “xij” for the number 12.

This is an extensive list of adjectives starting with J. As mentioned above, the variety of adjectives beginning with j is not much compared to other letters. But you can constantly check out extra that will assist you learn more uncommon adjectives. For even more insight, maintain reading more about adjectives as well as their varied features.

We wish you’ll concur it is an understandable declaration when we say this is the globe’s ideal collection of adjectives that start with J. Taking into consideration the fairly small number of ones that have the letter J at the start, there really are some very detailed words that begin with J as well as we collected below all of those plus any other ones that are frequently used in talking and composing. We actively stayed clear of unknown and seldom made use of adjectives, to make sure that you would not have to wade through a number of ineffective as well as complex words. We wish you found the best method to define what you needed with some of these J adjectives to describe a person, location or thing.

Expanding your vocabulary can include brand-new life to your writing. It can likewise be fun. Attempt including J adjectives to your writing and also see what happens. It will certainly provide it much more life as well as flavor. All set to maintain entering your adjective exploration.

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