Connecticut Flat Fee MLS Companies: Top names!

Are you excited to sell your home but feeling daunted due to the high cost of commission? Well, if you hire an agent, you will have to bear the commission cost that needs to be paid to the realtor. To avoid paying such high fees and availing yourself of the freedom to sell your home on your own, you may consider a flat fee MLS Connecticut.

A flat fee MLSlisting service is the best choice for sellers today. In this process of selling your home, you do not need to hire a real estate agent. Rather, you take one of the flat fee MLS listing packages and create a listing on the MLS.

A flat fee MLS listing service not only offers you to list your home on the biggest database MLS but also helps you sell your home by offering add-on features. Without hiring a traditional real estate agent, you can go ahead to sell your home on your own or FSBO with the help of the flat fee MLS listing service. The latter will help you market your home and list it on your local database.

Who can sign up for the flat fee MLS listings in Connecticut?

Flat fee MLS listing services can be taken by home sellers who have a bit of experience in handling real estate transactions. Home sellers who are comfortable selling a home without a real estate agent can use the Flat Fee MLS services. The sellers who want to avoid the commission and are confident to proceed with “for sale by owner,” must consider investing in the flat fee MLS listing service.

But at the same time, it is vital for you to know that selling a home without a realtor needs time as well as dedication. You will be expected to manage a lot of tasks such as pricing the home and creating an interesting listing description. You may also need to hire a professional photographer or click high-resolution pictures of your home yourself. You will have to research a lot and invest a lot of time in creating marketing material such as flyers and more. By not paying the traditional commission to the realtors, you will still have to pay the buyer’s agent commission which is usually 3%.

Connecticut home sellers must work with a flat fee realtor to ensure a trouble-free home sale. You will get the basic services and support that a traditional realtor provides you. This way, you get to save thousands of dollars and at the same time avoid the hassles of selling on your own.

Best Connecticut Flat Fee MLS Companies

Here is the list of the best flat fee MLS Connecticut companies for you to connect with.


Let us begin with the best name of the lot. Houzeo offers competitive packages and a commitment to its sellers to offer incredible support. Due to the quality services and a skilled and dedicated customer team, they have a long list of loyal clients.

Let us study their packages.

  • In the Bronze Package, the company charges you an amount of $299 and provides you an MLS listing and a syndicated listing to Trulia, Zillow, etc.
  • In the Silver Package, the company charges $349 from the seller and offers everything that you may need from the realtor.
  • In the Gold Package, which is considered the best of the lot, you need to pay an amount of $399. In return, you get to use the best technology and the features such as Houzeo Showings. You also get to use the high-tech online Houzeo offers as well as DigiTransact along with several other services.
  • Last but not the least, this premium and platinum package which charges you $999, offers a licensed broker to you. Taking the help of the realtor, you can get a variety of vital home sale tasks done.

Landfall Properties

Landfall Properties, founded by Paul Marino, is known to offer an exhaustive range of services as a part of their Flat Fee MLS packages. They provide services in many different states.

Landfall Properties provides 3 Flat Fee MLS packages to their sellers:

  • In the First Level or Level One Package, you can sign up for free. This package offers you a free listing in REALTOR MLS. The listing can be done for 2 months. You can also upload as many as 24 photos on the MLS. The broker commission that you need to pay is quite nominal which is around 2.5%. The package permits you to make unlimited changes to the listing.
  • In the Level Two Package which is priced at $499, you get an unlimited listing and also an essential service of high quality, and professional signage of the sale. Some add-on services are addendums, contract forms, and escrow services. One of the best parts about this package is that it allows the virtual tour and visitor statistics. You can also use an e-signature facility.
  • In the Level Three Package which needs you to pay 1%, you can seek assistance from the broker who can take care of the whole real estate transaction.

Realty By Design

Realty By Design is highly accredited by BBB and is a leading Flat Fee MLS listing service. They are known for providing a hybrid listing service and full service. They charge one of the lowest commissions which are around 4%.

Realty By Design offers just one Flat Fee MLS package priced at $495. As per the details of this package, you get to upload 40 photos on the MLS which will stay for a time of six months. You can also benefit from the listing getting published on other websites like Trulia, Zillow, and many other websites.

Since Realty By Design offers only one package limiting the diversity and a chance for customization, it is suggested that you use Houzeo for getting customized services that also have the most coverage.

Flat Fee Group

As the name says, Flat Fee Group is an MLS listing service that charges a flat fee to provide a range of services to sellers. Flat Fee Group’s packages are dependent on the state. Usually, they create the MLS listing in a couple of days and keep the listing term for six months to twelve months.

You can also sign up for broker assistance as a part of their full-service packages. The quality of service provided by them cannot be undermined but it may not be consistent for some locations. For a more trusted real estate service provider, go for Houzeo.

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