Cool Things To Do In Jakarta In 2022


Java, an island in the Indian Ocean, is home to a sprawling city known as Jakarta, which serves as the Indonesian archipelago’s capital. This enormous octopus, the world’s second most populous city after Tokyo, is teeming with activity at all hours of the day and night!

Whether in terms of architectural architecture, commercial areas, cultural institutions, or popular districts, Jakarta is always changing between tradition and modernity. You will be pleasantly amazing at how much the city has to offer. No matter what kind of trip you are planning for? As a tourist, enjoy your holiday and take back with you wonderful memories. Just, start planning, visit the cathay pacific website and get your flight tickets online. Also, save up to 40% off on round trips on every flight. To make it easy for you, let’s find out what are the cool things to do in Jakarta.

Visit the Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge on a day trip

Although it may surprise you, the Thousand Islands are considering to be part of the larger Jakarta area. This implies that anyone seeking beach time will not have to go far. Pulau Seribu is an Indian community located on an island off the coast of Jakarta, about an hour and a half from the city centre. There are numerous magnificent beaches, streams, and rivers on the property.

Take a walk in the vicinity of Taman Anggrek Mall

While Jakarta is well-known for its shopping malls, none are more spectacular than the Taman Anggrek Mall in the city’s western district. Along with cafes and restaurants, the mall is home to a variety of retail shops of all sorts and sizes. Additionally, it is interesting to take an in-depth look at Jakarta’s renowned mall culture. Along with stores and eateries, the mall has a large theatre and an ice rink.

Menteng is an excellent shopping destination

Shopping is one of Jakarta’s most popular pastimes. If you want to make the most of it, you should visit the Menteng area, which is well-known for its flea market. Among the many products provided are arts and crafts supplies, bulk textiles, and even culinary supplies and consumables. The main market, dubbed the Jalan Surabaya Flea Market, debuted in the 1970s and has been operating continuously since. Additionally, it is well-known for its collection of antiques and vinyl recordings. Due to the market’s more than half-kilometer length, you’ll be spoiled for choice regardless of your price range.

Enjoy Kota Tua

Apart from being name after the old town of Batavia. Kota Tua has developing into one of Jakarta’s most important districts. As you travel around the region, you’ll see beautiful buildings from the Dutch colonial period. You’ll also notice the cobblestone town centre square, which serves as the city’s distinguishing feature. A tranquil, old-world atmosphere draws a large number of painters and photographers. Who come to take up the city’s calm, old-world milieu. Additionally, there are many cafés in the area where you can unwind with a drink and take in the landscape.

Ancol Beach is an excellent location for relaxation

You may be surprised to learn that a large city like Jakarta has a beach, as shown by the existence of Ancol Beach, which is part of the larger Ancol Jakarta Bay City. It features a long stretch of golden sand that runs the length of the beachfront, and while it is technically a public beach, admission to use the amenities is required. There are several swimming pools along the shore, so you can spend more time resting in the sun and soaking in the quiet atmosphere away from the city’s hustle and bustle. 25th island of greece

Attend a music festival and have a good time

Indonesia’s music is relatively unknown outside of the nation, which is a shame given the country’s vibrant and immensely talented music sector. This is evident in the diverse range of music events held in Jakarta, including concerts and festivals, which many visitors see as the highlight of their visit. Along with Hammersonic, an annual heavy metal music festival held in April, the Jakarta International Jazz Festival, held in March, is one of the city’s most well-known music events.

Atlantis Water Adventure is an excellent location for splashing about

Additionally, Ancol is home to the Atlantis Water Adventure, a body of water adventure. This is a fantastic way to cool down on a hot day, since it is located inside a vast water park complex. The park is separating into eight distinct zones, each with its own big wave pool and a variety of thrilling slides and pools for guests of all ages.

Last Words

Jakarta is a city worth seeing, but not for longer than a week. Within a short amount of time, some people may feel oppressed by pollution and the rest of the world. It is also not the most visually appealing location in Indonesia or on the island of Java, despite its proximity. Jakarta, on the other hand, may serve as a stopover on your route and maybe visited in one or two days. So don’t wait, plan your Jakarta Holiday with AirlinesMap and enjoy a customized itinerary..!

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