Corporation decided to show NHL games with tax money – the arguments are lame

The Broadcasting Corporation finances the activities of the NHL and the commercial media giant with the support of taxpayers. There is now a debate about whether this is one of Yule’s tasks.

HOCKEY The Finnish Broadcasting Corporation announced earlier this week that it had signed an agreement with NENT to broadcast hockey NHL matches on its channels. Yule will show 25 matches during the season as well as the NHL finals in 2022-2023.

Friends of NHL hockey who don’t show Vaasa’s pay channels are, of course, excited. But the cost of Kyle’s NHL contract is borne by all broadcasters who pay the broadcast, most of whom are not interested in the NHL.

Yule’s agreement has indeed been the subject of critical debate.

After all, the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation supports the businesses of the commercial media giant NENT with taxpayers’ money.

It should also be recalled that the NHL is a purely commercial series, the operation of which is indirectly supported by Lye’s contract. The International Hockey Federation, which manages the World Cup, is an organization focused on the development of hockey, but the NHL only aims to make money. The NHL has also been responsible for ensuring that Finland did not get its best players into its Olympic team in 2018 and will not receive 2022.

The Coalition Youth has issued a very critical statement

– The showing of North American hockey is certainly not one of the tasks defined by the Broadcasting Act. It is quite incomprehensible that society’s funds are being wasted for such a purpose at a time when Finland is indebted at a completely unsustainable pace and the money is still not enough for the basic needs of the welfare society, comments Mafias Paulo, chairman of the Coalition Youth.

– Lyle cannot use tax funds according to its own preferences, but the company’s tasks are defined by Finnish law. Every euro in society used to acquire NHL performance rights is out of the rest of society, Paulo continues.

Yule has, of course, made his statement public.

 YLE Sports Manager José Palomino comments on the coaching agreement on Twitter as follows.

Lyle does not waste taxpayer money, especially not “recklessly”. That agreement is responsible and very cost-effective. ”

“Partnerships with the commercial media are required (from Parliament onwards). We have done them extensively now: the Olympics (Discovery), the football championships (MTV), the skiing (NENT). And this.” “Public service media and commercial have their own roles to play. We do not buy complete sets, but we give every Finn the opportunity to enjoy 스포츠중계 The value of free visibility is usually also understood by the rights seller. Everyone benefits. ”

“We show a wide variety of different species.

 In hockey, domestic rights (including Lions) now belong to others, and according to research, the NHL is currently of exceptional interest and relevance to a large number of Finns, regardless of the size of their wallet. ”

Palomino’s task is, of course, to defend his employer, but the arguments are lame, to say the least. His remarks are mainly reminiscent of communications propaganda from Russian or Chinese television companies.

Why should tax money support the operations of an international commercial media company? Or why should tax money support the business of the commercial sports series at all? Palomino’s comment “everyone benefits” is downright absurd, because the majority of YLE’s financiers do not feel that they benefit in any way from the NHL agreement of a company with compulsory tax funding.

YLE’s sports productions are financed from taxpayers’

 bags with approximately EUR 40 million annually. The amount is only growing every year and has not been cut, unlike many other things funded by society. The dwindling of Veikkaus’ profit funds has already put Finnish sports and sports in a precarious situation, but Yle continues to push for NHL contracts.

In the parliamentary elections in 2023, Finnish broadcasting policy will probably be one of the topics of interest. The opposition is hilarious about the massive costs of YLE’s sports broadcasts. Criticism has also come from supporters of the ruling parties.

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