Creating And Managing An Electronic Signature Or A Digital Signature

Electronic Signature

With the internet coming, many traditional methods of handling things are changing for the better. It has increased convenience in numerous ways, like digital banking or e-wallets. The risk taken while carrying money, significantly while traveling, is reduced immensely due to digital transactions. An electronic signature helps you to sign a document digitally. In today’s time, it is widely accepted and is considered to have the same value as a signature on paper. You can create an electronic sign on various platforms online, which also generate automatic signatures if you prefer.

Some advantages of electronic signatures: –

·         They remove the barrier of distance. You do not have to travel to a different state or country for a signature.

·         They save an immense amount of time.

·         It increases security, as a digital sign requires authentication in some documents you wish to make extra secure. They are based on public key cryptography or asymmetric cryptography, as they are commonly called.

·         They can be an initiative for going paperless, as this contributes to a greener earth and a healthier environment.

·         They are usually cost-effective, as they reduce printing and paper costs and travel costs.

·         They also increase the overall convenience for businesses.

  Along with several advantages, they are also legally accepted in several cases, depending on the type of e-signature.

Types of digital signatures: –

Three types of digital signatures are classified based on their technology. These are:

Class 1 (Simple) – These are the simplest type of digital signatures and do not use any encryption for protection. Individuals mostly use them, although professional businesses can also use them. An example of this can include a scanned copy of a physical signature.

Class 2 (Basic) – This type of digital signature has one advantage over the Class 1 type. This is their ability to point out the changes made in the document once it has been signed. They are also not completely secure and do not have solid legal recognition or consequences. They can be used for both personal and professional use.

Class 3 (Advanced) – A qualified signature that is safe and is recognized as equal to a signature on paper belongs to the Class 3 type of digital signature. They ensure security for the users, including verifying the identity and two-factor authentication. These signatures are made with critical public infrastructure and asymmetric cryptography technology. This is the safest option available and is majorly used by businesses for various purposes.

How to create and manage an e-signature?

You will find several companies and platforms online that offer to help you create an e-signature. They can produce it in a brief period and provide pre-designed templates with components that can be customized to your liking.

So, while looking to manage a digital signature or an electronic one, it is essential to choose a company that offers you a wide range of options to generate it and perfect it, like creating an outline or uploading an image of your signature. 

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