Custom Packaging, and How it Can Benefit Your Products

From containers made using complex materials and processes, packaging has changed through the years. A wide assortment of factors contributed to the change in product packaging, and among these include the needs and concerns of consumers, the competition in the marketplace, shifting lifestyles, unusual events like wars and pandemics, and new discoveries and inventions. And, with the growth of e-commerce and online shopping, new innovations like custom packaging boxes have sprung up, giving businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services effectively online. Read on to learn how custom packaging can help benefit your product or brand.

It Protects Your Products

One great example of how custom packaging boxes benefit your product or brand is that it helps protect the product itself. A packaging’s main function is to hold and protect the product inside it, and make sure that it remains intact from the factory straight to the consumer.

While there are various pre-made packaging options available today, rarely perfectly fit most products. This explains why more brands are going for customized packaging, as it is designed to be specifically made to fit a product perfectly.

And, with a box or package specifically designed and made to hold a product, any fragile contents inside it will be fully protected during shipping and delivery. And, of course, happy (And well-packaged) products lead to happy customers.

It Keeps Customers Safe

Another major benefit of using custom packaging boxes is that it also keeps customers safe. When shipping and/or transporting food products for example, displaying vital information like best before dates, ingredients, allergens and nutritional values is common practice today.

In addition, for non-food products it’s also crucial to list product ingredients, as well as any toxic or harmful substances that the products may contain, in order to make sure that the package is handle with utmost care.

This is line with maintaining safety and full transparency about the product, which helps to build a loyal customer base that wholeheartedly trusts your brand with their safety. And, even if there’s mention of any potential harmful substances, it helps the brand avoid harming any first-time customers, and it helps it from gaining a negative brand reputation.

It Helps Build Brand Awareness

The package that holds your product or brand is perhaps the easiest and most efficient way to show off your brand, and use it as a form of advertising, and to help build brand credibility.

Not only can you be able to display relevant information regarding your product or service but you can also effectively share other pertinent information about your brand, your message and the other products or services you offer.

And, custom packaging boxes also shows off your brand with a distinct message and style, which helps it to stand out from the competition, and makes sure that it stays in the minds of consumers.

And, as there are hundreds, even thousands, of competitors, it’s important that you customize your products packaging in a way that encapsulates your brand. Customized packaging in a way allows you to fully take control of your brand’s reputation directly to your target customer.

For new customers too, packaging serves as the first impression that they will get of your brand. So, the more unique the packaging is, the more likely will new customers post an unboxing of your product, which starts with the packaging itself!

It Effectively Grabs the Attention of Customers

From a marketing outlook, innovations like custom packaging boxes are an amazing way of capturing the attention of customers. Tailoring your packaging to fit, represent and elevate your product quickly gives your brand a much higher degree of credibility.

When it comes to making decisions, especially about purchasing, most consumers will often make their choices based solely on packaging. According to a study carried out by the Paper Packaging Board and IPSOS in 2018, 7 out of 10 customers agreed that packaging design greatly affects and influences their purchasing decisions.

This also shows that a good, or unique, visual representation of your brand or product is the backbone of effective marketing. Well, obviously attractive designs for your packaging can surely help your brand stand out from the rest of the competition.

And, with so many different products and brands coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the e-commerce realm growing exponentially out of the pandemic too, the options today are nearly endless.

So, when today’s customers are looking for their boring brown or white package in the shared mail room of their office, a customized package will certainly stand out and quickly create a memorable impression on them.

And, not only will you be making the order or pick-up experience more user-friendly and convenient,  but will also be building a potential customer as well as a loyal customer base, all without the hustle and bustle of setting up a brick and mortar shop.

It Combines Practicality with Functionality

A custom-made or built product package that’s both functional and practical is hailed as the ultimate one-two punch to help a product stand out from the competition (which is true for the fashion and food industries).

In fact, the food industry has seen a rising trend when it comes to resealable packaging to help maintain shelf life, freshness and flavour. With features like this, consumes are more likely to become repeat customers. Resealable packaging has even reduced, if not eliminated the commitment to having to finish all the food in the packaging.

Furthermore, resealable product packaging has also benefitted the fashion industry, especially today where most customer’s only option is online shopping, with no sense of style or fit.

Resealable packaging has also allowed, or enabled, online clothing stores and brands to accept returns, and it has also given consumers the chance to order a wide array of sizes and styles to try on, in the comfort of their own homes.

Lastly, custom packaging also reduces shipping costs, with no extra weight added to the package, and it even could reduce postage and delivery costs too.

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