Dark Joseph Ravine on Defeating Fear with Confidence

Dark Joseph Ravine

So many of us lack confidence in ourselves and may always worry about everything. We find that we are consumed by negative rather than positive thoughts. We feel anxious about current events, forgetting that there is a reason for everything that occurs. Dark Joseph Ravine, founder of online business Kindness for Success, believes that kindness along with confidence are keys to success. “If we want to achieve our goals, we can’t allow fear to hold us back,” Ravine says, indicating that fear is a toxic trait that can cause untold damage and therefore, we need to battle against it.

            While fear can allow us to avoid difficult situations and be mindful of our surroundings, it can also prevent us from acting.  Ravine states, “I experienced anxiety in my own childhood. I wasn’t certain about whether the things I was doing were correct.

When you’re a teenager, that anxiety only multiplies. We fear our friends’ opinions about us, we feel unsure of whether we are doing the right things, and we struggle with developing our identity. All these experiences are valid and happen to everyone.

We need not feel bad for ourselves when there are other people whose experiences echo our own.” Ravine believes we can all live fulfilling lives if we let go of fear and learn to take risks. We never know what positive outcomes can be achieved with our willingness to try.

            When we develop confidence, we find ourselves braver and better able to face situations which help us grow. When we face challenges with courage, we are more equipped to handle them effectively. Ravine says, “Living in fear is pointless and does not change the outcome of any situation.

That’s why it’s important that we banish our own inner fears and learn to become comfortable with our surroundings, as we push forward through our challenges.  When we display strength rather than weakness, we will automatically feel more confident and accomplish more in our lives.  Excessive fear will do nothing but cripple us from making important decisions. 

We will be constantly unsure of what we should do.” Therefore, Ravine believes that confidence can create a lasting change in our behavior and bring about an inner sense of calm.

            Living in fear does nothing for us in the long-term. Instead of allowing anxiety to consume us, we should enjoy every moment of our lives. We should try to give the benefit of the doubt, as necessary, before we assume the worst in any situation.

Instead of assuming the worst, let us do the opposite and assume the best. Everything that happens in our lives is truly for the best.

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