Different Types of Mobile Back Covers 

mobile back covers

Mobile covers are a necessity. We all know their utility and benefits. It is one tool to protect the phone from accidental damages and drops. Also, if you are like me, a bit careless person, then you surely need a smartphone. There are many types of mobile covers on the market with pros and cons.

Some mobile covers are highly protective, and some protect the body and screen. For the screen, go for a tempered glass protector. You can get mobile back cover printing online. Consider these factors before buying a mobile case for a perfect purchase.


New phone cases are good to have. They feature your personality and taste. But there are some factors that you should care about when you buy:


Protection is the first thing you have in your mind while you buy a phone right? How much protection do you need is what you need to assess. Do you need additional protection? Or do you want full-body protection?


Style is the second factor that matters. We want a good-looking phone, don’t we? There are many designs and patterns available in the market- glossy or matte? For me, it is a classic matte. See, our taste differs a lot. You have the option to customize your phone case.

Screen Protection:

What is the level of protection is the first thought? The second is protecting the screen. For this, you need a screen guard. Typically, it comes with the phone box, but there are many mid-range phones you need a shield.


Colors say a lot. Black, blue, or grey are quite dull colors to have. Pastel, neon, pink, green, yellow are fun. They add a different hue to the phone. Ombre, watercolor, and other custom colors are available as well.

Customization and Personalization:

Customization is today’s trend. Do you want a company logo or initials? Company names, logos, special characters, and photos add a personal touch.


Phone Heating Issue:

Heat is a drawback of the phone. It is because of an extra layer that dissipates heat slowly. It results in battery heat up.

Increase in Weight:

The mobile cover adds weight to your handset. Even if you buy a lightweight case, it adds a few grams. Putting heavy cases in pockets is difficult, and it aggravates the hands.

Quality Problems:

Quality is very important. There are many mobile cases manufacturers in India. However, not all of them produce quality products. Cheap cases may look good, but they do not add worth to your mobile in terms of protection and safety. The best case should be chosen even if it costs extra.

Different Types of Mobile Cases:

Here are many types of mobile covers used for protecting mobile phones from damage protection. Let us see which is better:

Metal Back Case:

Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and other metals are used in metal cases. Their great finishes make them look premium. They provide excellent body protection. 

The phone does not heat in metal cases as it dissipates heat quickly. Metal cases are a bit heavy and also expensive. Still, it is a good option amongst many mentioned above.


Looks good

Heat dissipation

Good protection




Limited availability

Transparent Silicone Cases:

These are silicone made completely transparent covers. They are soft, flexible, and see-through. Also known as Gel cases, it is well fitted due to flexibility. It protects from drops, falls, and bumps. These cover the body, not the screen. You need a 90H hardened screen protector for screen safety.

The silicone cover preserves the original appearance of the phone. It is why companies prefer high silicone cases with mobile purchases. It is highly prone to scratches and color fades. In hot conditions, it becomes sticky and loses shape.


Good looking



Does not crack

Decent protection



No screen protection

Scratches seen

Loose shape in hot conditions

Hybrid Back Cover:

These are the toughest cases that provide extra protection to the phone body. These are also known as Hybrid Military Grade Armor Cases. Typically they are layered cases with two different layers. One is the Ballistic shock-absorbent layer, and the other is the tough impact resistant layer. They are super bodied and can withstand falls, bumps, and scratches. However, the screen is unprotected by the cover. It is a bit bulky and increases the weight of the phone. 


Excellent protection

Shock resistant


Good grip



Increases weight

Spoils the original phone look

No screen protection

Plastic Back Cover:

In India, plastic back cases are the most common cover. They’re readily available and durable. You can get them in any color you wish. The body is adequately protected, not the screen. They are not affected by temperatures and come in glossy or matte finishes.




Available in many color options

Not affected by temperatures


No screen guard

The original look of the phone is gone

Cracks and scratches

Slippery sometimes

Rubberized Back Cover:

As the name says, these covers are made from rubber and similar materials. They are protective, shockproof, and well fitted. Fitting sometimes loosens up due to temperature. It does not get scratched and provides a good grip. They are cheap too. Some rubberized cases have mesh or net that dissipates heat. It is available in many colors.




Do not crack

Good grip

Scratch proof


Protection so-so

Fitting become loose

Affected by temperature

No screen guarantee

Flip Cover:

One of the most popular covers among office workers and college students is the flip cover. It provides all-around protection while maintaining privacy. It can be made of leather, PU, or solid fabrics. It is expensive but protects the screen and phone body nicely. It is also known as a dairy case as it looks like it.

Some flip cases have a pocket inside so that you can keep money or cards. It is magnetic, and you don’t have to close the flap again and again. However, there are some disadvantages like it is a bit bulky and makes the phone thick.


Excellent screen and body protection

Storage available

Privacy maintained



Bit expensive

Pouch Case:

A pouch case as the name says has a pouch to slide the phone inside. It is made of fabric, leather, or PU. This does not protect the phone or screen, it is an impractical design. It just stores your phone and is like a wallet for carrying. It results in damage if you take out your phone from it and it drops accidentally. Pouches can be fixed in belts or wallets too.


Minimal protection

Can be hooked on a belt


Impractical design

Damage chances are high

Final Verdict:

Mobile cases are necessary if you have an expensive phone. Then you won’t need a mobile cover if you take good care of your smartphone. You can pick any mobile cover as per availability and budget. If you have any queries write to us.

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