Discover Expert Tips to Use & Maintain Your Car Magnetic Signs

Maintain Your Car Magnetic Signs

Today people end up spending a lot of time on digital platforms, sitting in front of mobile phone screens, TVs, and computers. Real-life ads have become more powerful than ever before. Online browsers have become experts at ignoring and undermining digital banners and pop-up ads. However, when they come across street signs, vehicle magnets, outdoor banners, and billboards, they would naturally get excited and attracted. They would surely take a moment and see the advertisement. According to Entrepreneur, that moment is precious, and it will ultimately be making the difference between interest and irrelevance for brands. 

As outdoor advertising tactics are increasingly being used again by businesses for effective brand promotion and building brand awareness, magnetic car sign is gaining traction by the day. They are a brilliant way of giving your business or brand a boost in exposure. Car magnets will be spreading your marketing message wherever you park or drive. Magnetic car signs are fantastic identity builders for your organization.

Use, Maintenance & Care Tips 

Clean the car and the magnetic sign thoroughly then dry them both before application. Make sure that there is no dust or dirt on both surfaces. Apply the car magnet directly on the car surface. Remember that if any dust or dirt is left behind before application, it could damage the car’s painted surface. When properly cleaned, applied, and maintained, car magnetic signs can last for almost a year despite constant use. If you fail to follow the usage instructions and care tips, the car magnets may experience premature wear and tear issues.

Getting the Car Surface Ready

Before you think about affixing the magnetic car sign to the metal-painted car surface, you should make it a point to get the clear coats, surface paints, and even waxes cured. The expected curing time spans over 90 days for painted surfaces, around 60 days in the case of clear coats, and a couple of days in case of wax. Both the car and magnetic surfaces can be cleaned with mild detergent. You may wipe dry using a soft cloth. Alternatively, you may leave the two surfaces to dry up on their own. In this context, you should keep in mind that magnetic car signs may become pretty stiff during the frosty winter days, as such; they may have a proper grip over the car panels. It is best to exercise caution while using magnetic car signs in these adverse weather conditions.

Apply the Magnetic Car Sign with Extra Care

Start by attaching your magnetic car sign to a clean and smooth metal surface. The surface should be flattest possible and free of indentations, moldings, trim, dents, rust spots, and ridges. For top outcomes, remember to use the sign when it is at 16°C or above room temperature when installed. Make sure that there are no bubbles or air pockets otherwise; the magnets may come off after some time.


Suppose you have by mistake placed the magnetic car sign in the wrong area or wrong position you should at once remove it from that particular spot and reaffix strategically at the right spot. Take proper care of all your magnetic car signs for best results,

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