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With the ever-growing popularity of yoga, many people are wondering if they can make money by teaching others how to do yoga. This is a great question, because it’s something that most of us could do, but don’t know how to do. However, there are some things that you need to know before you can start teaching yoga online.

If you want to teach yoga online, you will need to become a certified yoga instructor, and you will need to complete an online yoga teacher training course. The good news is that there are many online yoga teacher training programs available, and this post will help you find the best one.

 To keep you driving in the right direction, here are 3 important questions we will discuss to help your search reach a destination:

1. The Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yoga is becoming increasingly popular. It’s been around for centuries, but it’s only recently become more popular.
  • There are many different styles of yoga. Some people practice yoga to lose weight, some people practice yoga to relax, and some people practice yoga to improve their mental health. Hence the opportunities are endless.
  • You can teach yoga online. This means that you don’t need to be in a specific location to teach your classes. You can teach anywhere you like, and you can teach whenever you like.
  • Yoga is great for your body. It helps you to stay fit, it helps you to relax, it helps you to reduce stress, and it improves your mental health.
  • Online yoga teacher training courses are cheaper than traditional yoga teacher training courses.

2. What to Look for in an Online Yoga Teacher Training

An online yoga teacher training program should provide you with the tools and knowledge to start teaching yoga classes on your own. The program should also provide you with a variety of resources, including video demonstrations, lesson plans, and practice materials.

1. Start by watching a few yoga videos to get a general understanding of the practice.

2. Choose a yoga sequence or pose that you would like to teach, and study the pose thoroughly.

3. Check the reviews for the institute or the trainers online to find the best

3. 5 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs

  1. Yoga Alliance – With over 1,000 certified teachers and more than 20,000 students attending classes each month, Yoga Alliance is one of the most popular online yoga teacher training programs.

They also offer a teacher certification program that can help you earn your teaching credential. Yoga Alliance offers an extensive Teacher Training Certification Program with a range of options to choose from, including a 5-week online program, a 10-week program on-site in San Diego, California, or an 8-week program on-site in New York City.

  1. Arhanta Yoga Ashrams – Established in 2009 by Ram Jain, our ashrams and online academy serve the diverse and growing international community of yoga teachers and enthusiasts worldwide.

We offer an exclusive selection of expertly prepared classes, featuring only the finest teachers, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to each of our students.

10,000 yoga teachers have graduated from Arhanta Yoga Ashrams since 2009.  We are excited to offer our sunglasses to help support the yoga community. Arhanta Yoga have the best online yoga teacher training program available in India and Netherland.

  1. IYTA – IYTA is the largest yoga teacher training organization in the world, with over 7,000 certified teachers and more than 100,000 students attending classes each month.

IYTA provides certification, continuing education, and outreach to teachers of all levels of yoga. IYTA also publishes instructional materials, offers teacher training, and provides support to teachers in the form of teacher resources, curriculum development, and teacher training events.

  1. YogaJunction – YogaJunction is a part of the international non-profit organization called The Yoga Alliance and has been in existence since 2000. It was established by the first ever yoga teacher to get the certificate from the Yoga Alliance, Shri Praveen Swami. 

YogaJunction’s primary objective is to promote and popularize yoga as an art form, not just a religious practice. To do this we have produced a variety of videos, audios, books and other media products to help people learn about the benefits of yoga and how to practice it effectively. 

  1. YogaSoup – YogaSoup offers certification for their online course as well as an online certification program. Their yoga teacher training courses are designed to meet the needs of those who are new to yoga, as well as those who want to upgrade their existing skills.

YogaSoup was an idea that kept re-shaping itself throughout its evolution, always moving forward. It’s a fluid, organic concept that’s constantly evolving.

It seems impossible for it to lose its intentions or even to change much. It has grown to be a safe, vibrant, serious and light-hearted space for self-observation and transformation to occur.

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