Do You Know What the Benefits of Retention of Semen for Men?

According to Authentic Tantra Practitioners, semen retention involves separating orgasm from ejaculation. Semen retention is said to improve health and lengthen life according to ancient Asian and Indian medicinal theories.

Men’s health depends on the retention of their semen, which is essentially their life energy. The quick reduction in energy and generally depressed nature that can be noticed after ejaculating show that ejaculation diminishes the life-force that is available to a male.

Semen is a complex mixture of nucleoproteins, albumin, lecithin, calcium, and phosphorus. When it is retained, the body uses it to directly nourish the brain and central nervous system after it is reabsorbed. Semen retention canimprove their function, and make you more confident and focused as per Tantric Academy.

To fully benefit from semen retention, the sexual energy produced during arousal must also be transformed. Through transmutation, sexual energy can be directed toward a man’s benefit rather than being discharged in a way that would be harmful to him.

The Tibetan 5 Element Healing Practices, mantra, and pranayama are some of the methods that have been used to transform sexual energy. Exercise and other physical endeavors are effective strategies to transform sexual energy.

The following are the few benefits of semen retention:

As a matter of fact, it would be really wonderful if the modern science studies more about the benefits of semen retention in more detail as there are many. The benefits may be ranging from the physical, mental, spiritual and energetically dimensions.

  1. Increase your testosterone level

This can support your muscle tone, muscle gains, and also slow down your loss of hair too.

  • More focus and mental clarity

You can retain more life force energy with a renewed youthful vitality as a result, you will need less sleep and you will wake up earlier.

  • Increased masculinity

You will come across as more manly since your self-assurance, decisiveness, directness, and commitment to live on purpose will all improve as a result.

  • Activates your manipura chakra

This chakra is related to your willpower and fire essence, which can get activated.

  • Longevity

You can live longer, happier, and remain much healthier than before. Many research studies also support this view.

  • Creative, purposeful

You will become more creative, purposeful, as well as proactive in your life. You can convert your powerful sexual energy present in your semen into more money, business in abundance, and purpose.

  • Improve your sexual pleasure

You can have better erection, and also sexual arousal level, as a result, you will rock the world of your sexual partner. You will have more sexual stamina and also sex drive. You can last as long as you like to maintain while you are in the bedroom.

  • Multiple orgasm

You will get the ability to experience more energetically multiple orgasm without any ejaculation. Women will always find you much more attractive than before, and they will naturally be drawn to your presence and masculinity.

If a guy can keep a woman sexually aroused for as long as he wants, it not only helps her reach climax, but also raises her hopes for future climaxes.

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