All about Doctors Day

All about Doctors Day

Doctors Day in the medical environment is celebrated by holding conferences and symposia, where professional issues are discussed and best practices are shared with colleagues. Congratulations on Doctor’s Day on this day expressed in narrow medical circles. Find out when Doctors Day is and download postcards that you can use to congratulate colleagues on national Doctors Day 20222

National Doctors Day

When is doctors day 2022?

National Doctors Day is celebrated all over the world on the first Monday of October. Doctor’s Day in 2022 falls on October 3th.

In the world, Doctors Day has been celebrated since 1971 at the initiative of WHO and with the support of international medical humanitarian organizations that are involved in providing medical care to victims of emergencies and fighting dangerous epidemics . This is what determined the format in which the professional holiday of doctors is celebrated.

The profession of a doctor appeared at the time of the birth of mankind. This is one of the most ancient professions. Because the first diseases appeared with the first people and do not disappear with time. It is clear that the first methods of treating doctors improvised means, primarily plants. A little later, they began to use conspiracies and prayers. The very name of the profession “doctor” came from the ancient Bulgarian word “mutter, whisper”.

National Doctors Day – Pictures

If you want to congratulate colleagues or acquaintances on the holiday, sending a postcard and writing a congratulation on Doctor’s Day is a great way to show attention and care. Download pictures for Doctors Day and get ready for the holiday. 

Doctors Day

Doctors Day

Doctors Day

Doctors Day

Principles of the Medical Profession

What does a doctor do in his daily work? Where does he get his strength from? The answer to this question is well illustrated by a comic “legend”, which accurately defines the essence of the profession of a doctor.

God created Adam and Eve and many healthy and tasty plants and seafood. The devil saw this and gave people tobacco, alcohol and convenience foods. God saw this and created a gym and exercise equipment for them. The devil did not give up and created a TV with a remote control.

So the struggle between good and evil continues to this day. As soon as it is possible to find a cure for one ailment, another immediately appears. Of course, on the side of good, a doctor fights diseases.

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Interesting facts about doctors

The thermometer, or rather its prototype, the thermoscope, was invented by Galileo Galilei.

Indian doctors require to write prescriptions in capital letters. This is how the country prevents deaths caused by misinterpretation of medical handwriting.

Until 1800, doctors wore black clothes. White was chosen after doctors began to follow the rules of disinfection and sterility. Often patients have “white coat hypertension” – a syndrome in which a person’s blood pressure rises sharply when he sees a doctor in a white coat. Therefore, now doctors often wear blue gowns.

Hippocrates believed that all diseases could cause by fat in the human body, so he prescribed therapeutic fasting to his patients.

The first plastic surgeons appeared in ancient India. They restored severed noses to criminals.

Sigmund Freud was afraid to look patients in the eyes, so he sat behind the patient at the reception, who was lying on the couch.

Happy Doctors Day: congratulations

when is doctors day 2022

International Doctor’s Day is another opportunity to gratefully realize the versatility of the profession. It is difficult to think of another case in which you need to combine so many qualities at the same time.

The doctor is a musician, because only he is able to hear the unique rhythm of the heart in a hurricane of noise, which helps to recognize the disease. And only this talented master knows how to touch the strings of the patient’s soul. This set them up to fight the disease.

A doctor is an artist, because only he is able to recreate a picture of a disease from disparate symptoms. And turn them into a picture of health with a few strokes. 

The doctor is a sage, because only he is able to penetrate deep into the soul of the patient at first glance, listen and understand him. Only he is able to find the right words to support the patient and help to gather all the will to fight the disease.

Doctors as commanders

The doctor is a commander, because only he is able to organize an army of medicines. He also manipulates to fight the disease and involve the patient himself, his relatives and friends in the battle for the life. A doctor organizes successful intelligence before the start of “combat operations” in the form of correctly assigned and interpreted diagnostic procedures.

The doctor is an optimist, because only a real optimist can reassure the patient and his family in a speedy recovery. And only a true optimist, despite constant encounters with human pain and suffering, is able not to give up and enjoy life.

And, of course, the doctor is the most virtuoso cryptographer. Only he is able to describe the condition of the patient. And he writes out a prescription in such a way that it will be difficult to read it yourself. No wonder they joke so much about the handwriting of a doctor, although they can be punished.

Happy Doctors Day! Victory in the fight against diseases! Let wise mentors, advanced technologies, modern achievements of medical science become faithful assistants in it.

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