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The Business Proposal Episodes 7 and 8

Insecurity can be a fatal factor in relationships, including fake ones. Our archaeopteryx is trying to show that his emotions are genuine. However, our heroine is confronted by much resistance and is struggling to build the confidence needed to commit to him.


Although Yoo-Ra and her Gossip Gals weren’t given much screen time last week, they made the impression we already know they’re not good people. There’s no need for enemies with their friends, do you think? When Tae-mu strolled through the hotel’s lobby and smirked oh-so-perfectly at You’re and her companions, I waited for him to arrive and make a statement. He sure is.

At dinner, Tae-mu’s more cheese than mozzarella sticks, and those who are Gossip Gals, who are not lactose intolerant, gobble every single line. If Teemu claims his passion with Hari is as unlimited as his credit cards, the approval gauges start to glow pink. The more Teemu plays up the attraction; the more ladies are drawn to live in Hari’s fairytale romance.

Tae-mu books a room to stay the night to keep the lie going, but after a brief battle about who should sleep on the sofa, Hari worries about the lasting effects of their lies. In the end, Tae-mu will be interacting with Min-woo frequently because of his involvement with their new line of products. Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable for Tae-mu?

However, Tae-mu is more worried about how Min-woo will see their fake relationship. Incredulous that he has discovered the issue, Hari sheepishly admits that she’s not happy with her one-sided girlfriend, and Tae-mu “jokes” that he’s grateful that the (fake) girlfriend isn’t looking to be with someone else.

After a restless night, Tae-mu and Hari meet her friends in the same outfits. The initial plan of the day was to travel back to Seoul. However, Tae-mu has to cancel his plans when Min-woo is the one with the courage to suggest that she leaves Hari to spend more time with her friends. Pfft, and Min-woo would allow Tae-mu to spend some intimate moments with Hari.

Then we get to see them, and they’re all awestruck when the yacht of grandpas is parked at the dock. Do you hear that, Min-woo! Hari’s pals are keen to know how they got together and became lovers when they’re abroad. Tae-mu draws on his own emotions and experiences with Hari to answer the questions they have, and as Hari is secretly amazed by his acting talents, Min-woo and Yoo-a sigh in jealousy.

Min-woo finally confronts Tae-mu in an unintentional confrontation, playing Hari’s guardian big brother, whose duty is to keep away the shrewd rich man who has been playing with her heart. However, Tae-mu swiftly sets Min-woo at ease. Why can’t Taemu’s feelings towards Hari be real? Does Min-woo have a negative view of Hari, who is his best friend -and believes that the sole reason a rich and handsome man would wish to be with her is due to some elaborate joke?

The boys are too caught up in the pissing or, I’m talking about, fishing -the contest to be aware that Hari is becoming increasingly unhappy. Her legs are swollen from seasickness, and Teemu, in a state of guilt for not being aware, insists on taking Hari to her home.

It’s clear to us, at least, that Tae-mu’s main love is having a good time and acting service. 

The maniac, the workaholic, constantly rearranged his schedule to be with his wife and help her maintain her dignity among her peers. Therefore, when Hari persists in apologizing for occupying his time and making him late for work, Tae-mu must explain to her: he canceled his scheduled meetings because he loves her. He knows that his feelings couldn’t be expected, and he informs her he’ll allow her to reflect and respond to his apology.

However, instead of getting Hari to his side with his girlfriend Bluff, Hari grows more and more skeptical of their relationship. Although it was enjoyable from an outsider’s viewpoint to watch Tae-mu show off his riches, his actions increased her fears that he was too good for her and that they reside in different worlds. It was quite telling that the moments when she appeared the most relaxed and attractive toward him (e.g., when he suggested wearing identical outfits, or when he admitted to her that he was aware of her love for dolphins) were times where he was simply a guy and not flashing his status as CEO of Chaebol for her acquaintances.

While Hari is wracked with guilt over Tae-mu’s confessions, photos of their time at Sokcho end up in the hands of Grandpa. He invades the company’s castle to confront Teemu, whom Grandpa believes is in a relationship with Geum-hee and is cheating. Instead of speaking the truth and settling the issue quickly, Tae-mu lies, saying the two broke up. Oh, boy! Grandpa is not thrilled to hear this information.

Although, I’m generally an advocate of disputes that can be resolved by the simple act of telling the truth and communicating However when the drama’s miscommunications continue to result in laughter — such as the moment of Grandpa chased by Tae-mu through the office to try and smack some sense into his grandson I’m okay with it.

We are talking about miscommunications.

Young-SEO was sleeping with Sung-hoon. However, the truth is that there’s, you know, only one issue: she was so drunk she doesn’t remember the night she spent with the beautiful chief secretary.

Holy hot flashes, Beanies! If those blurry moments are the only recollections of her steamy and hot stroll between Sung-hoon’s sheets and her bed, then I don’t think she’s not responsible for feeling deeply disappointed by her poor memory. She ran away from Sung-hoon’s house in her shame, leaving him snubbed and unloved. Poor man, he deserved an explanation.

The good news is that the Business Proposal will not get us (or our second lead couple dirty or make a mistake last for the duration. In the days following, after having a time-skipped date, Young-SEO comes across an unintentional meeting with Sung-hoon at the garage in their building. He offers her a cold shoulder. However, Young-SEO can follow to his house and admits she cannot remember the night they spent with him. Sung-hoon is happy that she shares his feelings. With eyes that are hot enough to make my glasses fog, He promises Young, so she will not forget this time. I me-ow.

After a week, Hari still hasn’t gotten Tae-mu a reply to his admission. To his credit, Tae-mu tries to keep her boundaries in check and boundaries, but he truly regrets saying to her to take her time rather than setting the opportunity to meet a deadline. Not able to keep his distance and unable to stay away, he decides to walk down to see the filming of the latest commercial for her team’s product in the hope that he will get a glimpse of her from a distance. To his displeasure, she’s present on the set, serving as Min-woo’s assistant.

Sung-hoon snags Tae-mu just before causing a scene, and Tae-mu’s presence frightens Hari as her naive cutting onions leads to an accident. Hari is crying, and blood splashes everywhere! However the alarm is an error. Hari’s finger was not there. Hari cut a bottle of sauce. Whew!

Tae-mu doesn’t have time to wait, so he confronts Hari to force her to speak out about her feelings. Hari tells him to continue with date nights, and she explains why they can’t get married. However, the more Hari resists her protest, her emotions clearly show. She would like to be with the guy but is afraid.

Tae-mu assures her that he’ll never allow her worries to become a reality. He focuses his gaze, determined to convince her of his sincerity. When she looks back and forth, it’s clear that they’re at the brink of something extraordinary, and Hari allows herself to fall into a kiss, leaning forward and kissing him. Like the first kiss between Young-SEO & Sung-hoon, this one begins awkwardly. However, Tae-mu then goes for the kiss. (Yessss!)

However, of course, my celebration was untimely. Hari is immediately cold feet and declares that the kiss was a mistake. error. (Nooooo!)

The other couple is beginning to settle into the cute and awkward starting phase of dating. They’re just like children learning to walk, always falling and getting back up while discovering more about one another. Young-SEO almost kills Sung-hoon in her first attempt at cooking. Sung-hoon misinterprets his pretty girlfriend for Sporty Spice and follows her on a hike.

The hike ends up becoming the typical bickering session following their mountaintop discussion shifts to the topic about Hari as well as Tae-mu. He is always faithful to Hari and ignorant of the relationship between Sung-hoon and his childhood friend Tae-mu. 

Young-SEO is upset when Sung-hoon reveals that she is on Tae-mu. She is furious, and she runs out into the woods, where she twists her ankle. Sung-hoon is the one who carries him down the hill, and his chivalry and strength can be enough to soothe Young-SEO’s earlier anger.

In the meantime, Tae-mu decides that he will not let Hari kiss and then run. If she decides to claim that she was mistaken and he’s going to make it appear like an unfinished business transaction, she’ll be required to pay his penalty — and eat dinner. Of course, it’s an elaborate ploy to get him to be more intimate with her and persuade her that his love for her is genuine.

The plan seems to work. She not only finds herself looking at his lips while taking bites of his cake, but then he even puts on a show that makes her think of his awe-inspiring performance. However, he realises that one meal and a show won’t be enough to soothe her fears, and so he has to pay for their meal and rescinds his previous offer. Instead of dinner, Tae-mu explains that he’d like her to pay him back with something better than the time she spends with him.

When they meet for their next date or business deal, he asks her to meet him in an indoor park where they can check off some of the rom-com clichés and purchase matching headbands. However, while these are cute, their relationship grows more than ever, this time through a shared meal.

At the age of seven, Tae-mu’s parents took them to the same park, and the memory is connected to the flavour of a corn dog. Instead of reacting with demeaning platitudes and sympathy, Hari understands that the memory is tied to happiness, and Teemu appreciates her reaction. She reveals that he is unable to speak about the memories with Grandpa.

Their bonding is interrupted by a sudden phone message: Hari’s parents were admitted to the hospital! While Mom only suffered a minor burn to her face, Dad had to have an emergency appendectomy.

Tae-mu takes them to a luxurious suite, and instead of presenting their handsome patron as her boss and a potential lover, Hari says he’s her coworker. They think they’re Kevin, who then triggers an amusing and hilarious irony. They criticise Hari’s new boss, who makes her work many overtime hours.

When Tae-mu takes Hari to her home, she apologises to her parents for their rude remarks. He’s tolerant. However, he teases that he’s dismayed that she’d speak about him without permission. In all likelihood, the girl was given discounts for taking an intimate kiss!

He claims that he’s revoking his discount and that the total amount of the kiss she stole has to be paid with a new kiss. At first glance, Taemu’s words appear to be a bit pushy, but they also have an undercurrent of fun. It’s difficult to tell whether Hari resembles his flirting style since, amid a rant, Min-woo comes in and -unnecessarily trying to help her.

Thanks to some accidental-but-also-kinda-on-purpose snooping, Min-woo discovered Hari had a contractual relationship with Tae-mu. If he witnesses their argument, Min-woo believes that Tae-mu is abusing her power and jumps to defend her, kicking Tae-mu’s head in the face. While attracting the attention of a passing police vehicle, Hari deescalates the situation. He pulls Min-woo away, leaving Tae-mu alone to care for the two like a beaten puppy.

Min-woo says that he would have rescued her from Taemu’s cruel wrath if he’d been aware of the agreement earlier if they were on their own. Instead of expressing a positive reaction to his stoicism, Hari says it’s not her business whom she fakes dates. Minwoo is confronted by realizing that her defensiveness comes from her genuine love for Teemu Min-woo metaphorically kicks her self-confidence, telling her that things will never happen between herself and Teemu. (Ugh, What a huge underwear stain that he has.)

Hari can let some steam out at the field day for the company, and, even though she’d love to forget her Tae-mu, she knows that the universe isn’t going to allow it. The winner of the day’s activities will get a meal with Tae-mu. Hari notices her female coworkers exclaiming how awesome the opportunity would be to be able to win the prize and enjoy dinner with their beautiful boss. Hari’s jealousy quickly gets ignited, and she becomes Super Saiyan, wiping out all of her rivals.

However, their victory is not long-lasting, as a formal dinner will follow the field day, and Teemu is absent. Kevin, who is aware of all the gossip about the company, Kevin Grandpa scheduled him for an uninitiated date with Young-Leo’s cousin, JOO YOO-JUNG ( Seo Hye-won). When news of Tae-mu’s blind date reaches the surface, Hari’s jealousy grows, and she’s unable to escape the fact that it’s happening.

She takes a taxi with the intent of going to Tae-mu’s dinner. While on her way, she calls him and asks him to end her date. She expresses her feelings in an unending stream of words. After she’s finished, Tae-mu can reveal that he’s been in front of her house throughout the night, waiting for her return home.

They race to meet one another and end across the pedestrian bridge, and the man warns her not to approach him unless she’s ready for him to stay with her forever. She confidently walks towards him and then takes his lapel and invites him inside to kiss him. And then another.

Sorry MeloMance, but I cannot hear your outro without my squealing.

Even though this week’s conclusion has me feeling happy and content, I found episodes 7 and 8 somewhat less appealing compared to the show’s earlier charm. Tae-mu seemed a little over-the-top with the kiss repayment scheme, and I sympathise with his displeasure. The main obstacle between him and his happiness was Hari’s doubts. It’s difficult to prove his sincerity when the object of his affection prefers not to trust him instead of avoiding him. However, I’m glad that they addressed Hari’s internal struggles since it is crucial for her development as a person, and I admire her for being prudent about establishing relationships with her manager.

Although I am pleased that our main couple pointed out the differences in their social and professional conditions, I could have had a little more grandpa to counteract the intensity. The reality that I didn’t see an actual drama within a Boyfriend Bluff scene was also an enormous disappointment. Are these little niggles enough to turn me off of the Business Proposal?

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