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It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have already played a good hundred hours, Dragon Age Inquisition mods are suitable for any type of player. From swapping out those wacky Skyhold pajamas, to leveling up quickly and getting a higher max level. Dragon Age Inquisition mods, unlike those for Dragon Age Origins, do not focus on adding new content, instead they enhance existing ones. So what are these modifications and what do they do?

Here is a list of the best mods for Dragon Age Inquisition mods 


It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or have played for over 600 hours, Dragon Age Inquisition has mods for everyone. From replacing those silly pajamas, to improving the loot system as well as increasing the level threshold.

Modding in Dragon Age Inquisition, unlike modding in Dragon Age Origins, does not fix and add content, but mostly improves the existing one. Consider what mods are and what they do.


Character creation is an integral part of any RPG title, with most players spending hours trying to make the right customized character. Dragon Age Inquisition mods are pretty serviceable during this regard; however, there are still some fans who would’ve preferred these customization options to be more extensive.

With this mod, players can experiment around with hairstyles, if nothing else. The act of making a singular Inquisitor with a particular hairstyle is surprisingly alluring for several players. It makes character customization all the more enjoyable.


Looting animations are the bane of most players’ existence. One need only mention looting animations around Red Dead Redemption 2 fans to know just how annoying these animations can get. They hamper the sport, making a player’s experience much less smooth.

The Quicker Looting mod for Dragon Age: Inquisition takes care of this problem altogether. The huge impact this has on the game’s quality of life makes it one among the simplest Dragon Age: Inquisition mods around.


The starting armor of all races in Dragon Age Inquisition Mods overlaps quite a bit. It is a rather basic issue, but an irritating one for fans who appreciate these minor yet engaging details.

With this Dragon Age: Inquisition mod, each race within the game gets unique starting armors of their own. These designs are meant to suit the lore rather than clashing with it also. This makes it a must have mod for anyone who wants their version of the Inquisitor to be as unique as possible, especially during the initial moments of the sport.


The Multiple Romance Mod allows you to have multiple relationships in one playthrough. Flirt with whoever you want without fear of evil glances from your companions.

The mechanics are as follows: the mod turns off the check for relationships in dialogues, which allows you to always select the necessary items in a conversation. You will have to install the mod for each character separately, but when the job is done, your adventures will not be stopped!


For those who prefer to look at neat eyebrows, rather than the standard “furry” ones, we have developed the Eyebrows 4 Women mod. It replaces developer textures with high definition community textures. The result looks amazing, especially in dialogues.

If you prefer male characters, then the Eyebrows 4 Women mod has an analogue of Eyebrows 4 Men, which provides high-resolution textures for DA: I men only.


When playing Dragon Age Inquisition mods, one of the most time consuming things is waiting for the end of the next mission on the War Table. But the game gives you a lot of side quests that you can complete during this time.

War Table – No Waiting makes life a lot easier in Dragon Age Inquisition mods. You start a mission for Sera, but don’t want to wait for it – this mod removes the waiting time and speeds up the gameplay. No more time wasted.


The Custom Body Models mod provides several unique body models for different races and genders.

But besides the mod, the kit comes with a guide on how to create mods for Inquisition on your own, even for those who have no experience. The guide contains step-by-step instructions on the world of modding, using 3ds Max, and tools for creating modifications.

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This mod was included in the list for a reason. After installation, one store is added that sells all items from the DLC. Some of these items can take hours to get. There is also an equipment upgrade and a set of items available here as soon as you get Val Royeaux.

Best last: All items in the store are free. You no longer need to worry about saving money after the next quest, and how to save more money before the DLC. Come and take it for free!


Unlike Dragon Age: Origins, Inquisition mod is adapted for a wider dialogue camera instead of a close-up camera. While many enjoy a more natural interaction with NPCs, there are many fans of the older version of the close-up dialogue camera like in Origins. And this mod is for them.

It is also worth mentioning that this mod does not rewrite cinematic dialogues with companions, but only changes the camera for standard dialogues with merchants and on quests.


Another graphic mod for Dragon Age Inquisition that improves eye textures. As in the fashion for improving eyebrow textures, this mod replaces the standard textures with custom ones. Eyes worthy of the Chosen One.

There are 13 variations of eye models available in the mod, which look realistic. Only one variation can be used at a time, so choose wisely.


Notice how the redesigned Morrigan looks like. Her appearance, along with other characters, looks much better than the standard models. It is only natural for modders to dig into the source files to modify the character models in order to release such modifications.

This is how the Female Complexions mod was born. The change in appearance applies not only to elves and humans, but also to gnomes and qunari. The mod is complemented by an attempt to recreate the appearance of Yennefer from The Witcher III.


According to the characteristics, it is better to use a weapon that you have created yourself. There are several models of weapons in the game, which, in terms of their characteristics, are practically worth using. But thanks to this mod, you can have beautiful weapons and boast damage.

The mod takes a craft weapon, which is usually given 1 time per playthrough, and replaces it with a high-rank weapon. These weapons should be enough for the entire game including the latest expansion.


Most of the complaints from players in Dragon Age Inquisition Mods were about the dreadful beige tunic and pants to be worn in the Skyhold area. The funny name Skyhold Pajamas brings a long-awaited update to the players’ wardrobe.

Bioware has done a much better job of providing multiple outfits to choose from for Skyhold in the latest patch to satisfy the discerning player. The mod simply replaces the standard set with clothes from Trespasser or armor from DLC.


With a max level of 20, it was difficult to make sure that skill points were properly distributed to level the right character to suit your playstyle. Thanks to this mod, the maximum level is increased, which will unlock the potential of your inquisitor and get 34 talent points

The mod works great on any playthrough, but does not work with the Ardent Blossom Store mod (but if you do not plan to install it, then you should try).


Using Dragon Age Inquisition Mods is quite problematic, but thanks to the Nexus website, we have a Mod Manager that simplifies the process at times. The manager will help you organize and install mods, which will allow you to quickly plunge into the game without unnecessary problems.

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