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Dream Face Reveal

Undoubtedly, Dream is currently one of the best Minecraft content creators famous all over the world. Yet, till now, even after achieving so much fame, wealth and success, Dream has significantly managed to hide his face and preserve his anonymity to a great extent. In fact, none of even a minor detail of him is officially known to the world- not even his face and real identity. In all of the public content he makes on different social media platforms, the face of Dream is hidden behind a charmingly-crude mask. That is what is adding hype to the trend of Dream face reveal all over social media.

However, the suspense of the Dream face reveal stream may soon change, as the recent posts and interviews that Dram posted on his social media accounts give major hints that this reveal may be in his play cards. Also, most recently, he himself teased a picture of himself in the form of a beanie with his random stray hair locks poking out. Although that is not the finest of his details, those messy hair locks are somehow the closest hint gesture he has ever made for his fans to unmask himself and show his real identity. Currently, most of his fans are anxiously waiting to see his face reveal what does Dream look like for real.

Who is Dream?

Dream is actually a social media content creator who has gained massive hype and curiosity among people due to hiding his real identity and even his face under a mask despite being so famous worldwide.

Dream created a channel on Youtube for the first time in 2014, almost eight years ago. But it was no later until, in mid 2019s that he started running that channel successfully, uploading high-quality content regularly for his fan followers and youtube subscribers.

In November 12019, one of Dream’s videos entitled “Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random and Multiplied” went viral worldwide, and that was the point that kickstarted his rise to immense fame and success. Then by the year 2020, he has luckily deemed of one the top-notch Youtube Breakout Content Creators. Currently, he owns more than 6 million followers on twitch and 29 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.   

But what is most interesting is that from 2014 to the current date, Dream has never ever shown his face and real identity to anyone. However, there are some chances that people will soon see him for real in the coming future, as many of his viewers and social media fans have significantly been requesting him to glance at his original face for quite an extended period. Let’s expect and hope the best for the Dream face reveal soon.

Dream Face Reveal Stream  

Recently, in the past few days, an image of Dream was on Twitter wearing a cowboy hat spread like a wildfire. The famous Minecraft star posted that picture for a few minutes and deleted it immediately. Otherwise, his fans would share it quickly and devotedly if left on Twitter for so long. Dream has sent fans into a frenzied state with his simple hair revealed previously. Moreover, the Dream face reveal Instagram hashtag is also on-trend as Dream uses a smiling mask to cover his face and head. He posted a picture of such an appearance on Instagram in August 2021.

 These little teasers of Dream had just created as many problems on social media as they have solved. For example, he has to impulsively content with the accusation of people that he had somehow cat-fished his fan following on different social media platforms. Even a tweet claiming that Dream has immensely fooled and deceived many people went viral some time ago. But Dream vehemently denied that accusation and stood consistent. From all this, it is clear that Dream has been doing almost everything he can to keep his real identity and face secret for now to the whole world. And only the right time will tell when is Dream doing a face reveal and what he looks like.

Why is Dream Faceless in the popular Mine Craft?

Initially, people thought that it was not a big deal that the creator of Minecraft named Markus Person, aka Notch, decided not t allow Dream to show the world his face. But why did then Dream choose to be faceless in such an iconic and worldwide popular game?

Well, for beginners, as you might also remember that Notch initially designed Minecraft with the game players in his mind. He just wanted people to have a feeling that they could determine and find a game character that matches their personality in real and builds an emotional attachment to that character.

Suppose your game’s character had a face like a real-life human being. Well, you may feel and find it a bit weird, though. Therefore, instead of assuming that face reveal what does Dream look like, Notch actually made him look like almost everyone, and rather, no one individual in particular. There lies no real face on Dream because there is no such player face behind dream; He is just like us all.

Is there any reason or meaning hidden behind the mask in Minecraft?

Undoubtedly, Minecraft is a very popular game that has successfully gained immense popularity worldwide since its inception, crossing over more than 100 million players that play it every single day. One of the most intriguing and exciting aspects of this game is that in this game, a player plays as a disembodied head randomly floating in the sway of darkness, barely able to see the real blocky avatar and whatever the players hold in reality. Although the player can take off his mask off and freely float around in space, that is usually of no advantage. After all, if you are someone who is not wearing the face of your dreams. It may lead some of this game’s players to wonder if Minecraft owners might be even weirder by look than they initially thought. Therefore, some hardcore fans are anxiously waiting for the Dream face reveal and are sure there must be a secret meaning behind masking.

So, are you wondering what the creator of Minecraft named, Markus Notch Persson, actually has to say about this game and its hidden faces secret? In short, no one knows the real answer behind it. Persson himself admits and says that he didn’t come up with this idea of gaming at the start. In fact, this game idea was suggested and incorporated into game development by one of his employees. It was just a random idea that worked miraculously after being included in the game’s development. There is no deeper meaning or secret behind it.

 Will Dream Ever Reveal His Real Face to The World?

There is no way of exactly knowing when is Dream doing a face reveal or whether or not he is even going to unmask himself or not, despite much hype and excitement. Cream himself is the only person who can tell about the Dream Face Reveal stream.

However, some of Dream’s recent social media posts and interviews seem to at least show his intentions and willingness to reveal his face and real identity a bit more to the real world. All we know currently is that the Minecraft game’s world is somewhat more than ready for the time whenever he decides to unmask himself in front of his fans.

When is Dream Doing a Face Reveal?

The clamour and demand for Dream face reveal by his fan following has always been there from the beginning. But it has recently been picked up in recent years by steam due to Dream himself.

Dream actually revealed his plans to eventually take off his miscellaneous mask and do a Dream face reveal detailing how he wants it to go down in an interview with a very famous Youtuber named Anthony Padilla in June 2021. He said that he would like to make a Dream face reveal video somehow with the participation of his fans, friends and family. So, he is thinking of an event or meetup for it.

Then in the August of 2021, Dream took a picture of himself with a diamond Minecraft sword, presented a neon sign of his name on it and posted that picture on the internet. In that picture, his fans saw him wearing a black hoody along with a disc carefully handled in his hand and positioned in such a great way that it perfectly hid its face. So, people could see tufts of some of his hairs peeking out somehow beneath that hoody in that picture too.

Later, Dream promised his fans in March 2022 that if his final Manhunt video gathered more than 2 million likes, he would make a real-world version of the Minecraft game to close out its series. At the time of this promise, the video had already gained more than 2.8 million likes, leaving Dream’s fans hopeful that Dream face reveal may be in progress behind the scenes.

Far ahead in April 2022, MrBeast jokingly promised a Dream face reveal Twitter trend if any one of his tweets gets more than 1 million likes. Dream responded to this tweet of MrBeast by replying, “Yes, Manager. However, currently, that MrBeast’s tweet has just 114 thousand likes. That shows that if a Dream face reveal video is coming soon, that would probably not be because of this playful Twitter tweet exchange.

People’s Reactions to the News of Dream Face Reveal Stream

Some individuals find the Dream face reveal trend fascinating and intriguing. They are generally curious about face reveal what does Dream look like. While some other people think it is a funny way to explore their game character’s appearance and see how they feel like jarring to have insights into a deformed version of themselves.

Typically, most people get excited over this trend, and they find it very entertaining. At the same time, some others are east or either utterly uninterested in this particular movement. But watching what and how other gamers of Minecraft have done with their dream face reveal streams is still amusing enough.

In an exclusive interview with dream IRL, Dream himself said that he does not care at all about his dream face. It was just something that was meant for me to do on Youtube. Having that being said, the trendy Dream IRL has still not revealed his face and real identity to his fans. Maybe he will not reveal that soon anytime, too, because he knows very well that once he posts Dream face reveal Instagram pictures or make videos and posts on his Youtube account, he will probably receive a lot of hatred and negative comments.

Moreover, the Dream face reveal trend is, over time, getting repetitive now. Several people are now getting bored of it and want him to move on from it or at least change it. If you also want to see your dream face, move on and go ahead without any worries. But remember, don’t expect anything too special because that will just be one of the other Minecraft face/ identity reveals.


Even though Dream has gained a massive fan following online from all the different social media platforms, this famous Minecraft Youtuber has significantly managed to keep his real identity and face a mystery and secret, outside a few little teases, to his fans. With a recent teaser of his picture demonstrating his hair, the fans anticipate a Dream face reveal soon. Although several other well-known content creators, such as Anomaly and Corpse Husband, use the same strategy, they were unfortunate that their identity was revealed on the stream. Still, Dream has remarkably managed to keep and handle the secrecy of his real identity from this world so far. However, quite a few teasers and hints were recently found on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Youtube with sight uncovered pictures. But no one still exactly knows when is Dream doing a face reveal or after a face reveal what does dream look like; people are curious about these. However, back in June 2021, Dream said that he would eventually make a Dream face reveal video with some of his fans, friends and family and make the most out of it. So, let’s wait and watch. 

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