Driving on Brooklyn Bridge in Exotic Car: An Experience to Remember

When in New York you can’t miss the globally-renowned Brooklyn Bridge, the first suspension bridge made of steel in the world. Its Gothic-shaped arches and the amazing suspension cables make the bridge a landmark of the city. It inspires poets, writers, and painters. Zooming off on this bridge in your rented luxury car is one of the must-do things in New York. 

You can walk across the bridge too, but that is a different experience altogether. Here, we are talking about another different experience, which is driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari on the bridge. So, get an exotic car today and see this bridge with ‘luxury glasses.’

The bridge offers breathtaking views of the East River, Manhattan, and beyond the iconic Statue of Liberty. 

More about Brooklyn 

Brooklyn is the most populous borough of New York. It houses Coney Island, the newest Barclays Center, and other attractive neighborhoods such as Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, and Park Slope. There is something to do throughout the year here. 

About the bridge

As you drive on the bridge, you pass through gigantic towers made of granite, limestone, and cement. The spectacular view of New York’s famous skyline is hard to put in words. You ought to be here to know how it feels. 

So, when you plan to visit Brooklyn Bridge, you need not think. Simply contact one of the rental services in NYC. If you are in Manhattan, contact a reputable exotic car rental in Manhattan

It would be a shame to miss this majestic bridge that took a whopping 24 years to build. It opened to the public in 1883. Earlier, it was the world’s longest suspension bridge. However, today, the longest one is Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan. 

About car rentals in New York 

Just like the bridge, the city’s car rental services, too, need a mention. They are quite impressive, especially the ones that offer luxury cars. From upgraded models of Rolls Royce and BMW to Audi, Mercedes, and more, you are spoilt for choice. The rates may be higher than ordinary car rentals, but not bank-breaking. 

The beauty of the services is that they have a simple renting process. No cumbersome paperwork or lengthy verifications. Just produce your valid driver’s license and matching insurance, and lo, you are just a step away from booking your dream car! 

Rent a Mercedes or whatever car that fancies you, the process stays the same. 

Importance of credit card while renting a car in NYC

The rental may insist on putting your credit card on file. This is for your own benefit, as you get back the security deposit money immediately. Otherwise, the rental may charge an additional fee and the deposit money may take around a couple of weeks to come back to you. 

So, are you ready to whizz past the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge? Do this with pride and luxury. Search for “exotic car rental near me” and find an esteemed service. When in New York do things differently and lavishly. 

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