EB-2.0 lighting system- A revolutionary in the field of electric bikes

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The EB-2.0 lighting system is one of the newest inventions and an add-on to bikes and trikes. The primary motto of building an EB-2.0 lighting system is to design it to be safer and bring more comfortable lighting. It incorporates a complete LED light system which helps in power saving. It can save up to 15% of energy consumption at the same time and can be able to provide a wide-angle lighting area.


The bike’s Headlights that incorporate the brand-new EB-2.0 lighting system generally use MUC chips which can supply a brightness of up to 40 lumens. The visibility distance is 200 meters, and the side view is 180 degrees. This fantastic lighting system is incorporated in some of the most powerful electric trikes. All the materials are IPX5 rated, so these are pretty waterproof. 

Further, the reflectors used in those bikes and trikes generally complies all regulations and standards of CPSC. It means this will increase the night riding protection. The battery capacity of 20Ah can help you ride more distance on one charge. This EB-2.0 lighting system is generally incorporated in bikes and electric trikes. 

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Electric trikes as we know them are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their wide range of advantages. There are several three-wheel cycles for adults that are being sold. One can easily buy adult tricycles from the local stores. It is easy to balance and certainly increases the stability as it has three wheels.

Significant advantages:

People generally buy adult tricycle as it provides more stability and it is helpful for people with a hurt back. They generally need a bicycle with more support, so a tricycle can be easy for them to ride. Even if you have the worst balance in the world, the three wheels of the bike will make your ride smooth. It does not need extra skills to ride, so it is perfect for children and older adults.

Electric Trikes buying guide:

If you want to buy adult electric tricycle, you need to know the types of ones available in the market.

  • Single speed tricycle:

As the name implies, single-speed tricycles cannot increase their speed or have just one speed because they only have one gear. This means that the gears cannot be changed based on the terrain. As a result, single-speed tricycles are often helpful for people that travel on flat terrain. This may be ideal for someone who lives in a city, but it is not recommended for someone who lives in a hilly location. 

A single-speed tricycle can be straightforward to maintain, unlike a multi-speed tricycle. These can also be beneficial to inexperienced bikers. Some bikers choose simplicity over complexity, and a single-speed tricycle might work for them.

  • Multi-speed e tricycle:

The multi-speed electric tricycles feature different gears that allow bikers and riders to ride on various terrains. A lower gear, for example, might be helpful while riding over steeper hills, but higher gears can allow you to go faster across flat areas. 

  • Electric Recumbent tricycle:

These are a type of three-wheel cycle for adults that helps the rider sit in a reclined position. This evenly distributes the weight to a larger area, making it comfortable.

  • Electric tricycles:

As discussed earlier, electric tricycles have an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. In addition, the world’s most powerful trikes will have the latest EB-2.0 lighting system, making it very comfortable while riding at night. Besides, the tricycles charge themselves in 3.5 to 6 hours, depending on the battery capacity.

Furthermore, these electric tricycles have a throttle that can assist you while pedaling. This makes it easy to go farther, and you can ride even uphill terrains.

  • Folding tricycle:

Do you know there is electric three wheel cycle for adults available that can be foldable? Do you want to go on a vacation and take the tricycle with you? Well, now it can be possible, and that too comfortably possible. All you need is to fold the tricycle and put it in the car.

Wrapping Up

Electric tricycles are extremely useful for elders. If you are a senior who wants to be active but is unable to do so because you have lost the ability to ride a bicycle, you should consider purchasing an e-tricycle.

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