Everything to know about Taksim area in Istanbul

Taksim area

The Taksim area is one of the most famous of Istanbul districts and is also considered one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey. It has a great place for all Turkish people, and the name of the area is due to the division of water and its distribution to the Turkish regions. Taksim area is located in the heart of Istanbul on the European side of the city.

Taksim area contains a lot of historical places, and what gives it beauty is the modern touch to these landmarks that attract many tourists to Istanbul in Turkey.

The establishment of the Taksim area dates back to the reign of Sultan Mahmud the first and was established between 1732-1833 AD. This area has witnessed many demolitions and construction over time, and we will get to know better about the Taksim area and learn about the most famous landmarks and many things.

Taksim area landmarks

There are many landmarks located in the lively Taksim area, and we will learn about the most important and prominent of these places:

●      Taksim Square

The square in the middle of the Taksim area is one of the most famous squares and squares in Istanbul and Turkey. The square is connected to many places that you can visit, such as the memorial, Gezi Park, Hussein Agha Mosque, and many tourist places.

●      Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street is a main and long street in the Taksim area that is filled with many shops, restaurants, and cafes where you can sit and enjoy the best meals served there. You can also visit the Wax Museum, which is located on this road.

●      Gezi Park

This park is located near the field, and it is a very beautiful park. Visitors can sit in the park and enjoy the trees and scenic landscapes.

●      Cultural Center

This center has been established in the sixties of the last century and is an architectural masterpiece. The center hosts many cultural events such as theatrical performances, international and popular music groups, as well as opera house performances.

●      Republic Monument

This monument was made by the famous Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica, and this monument embodies the transformation of the Turkish state into a republic. This monument is one of the most famous landmarks located inside the central square of Taksim.

Activities available in Taksim

There are many events that you will see in the Taksim area, and the most important and prominent of these events that you can watch and enjoy are:

●      Buying souvenirs

Taksim area is one of the most famous places where souvenir shops are located. You can buy many gifts from these shops such as books, clothes, jewelry, and many other things.

●      Street Art

You can take a stroll in the streets of the area and see many musical and artistic performances that are played by many bands in the street. There are many arts such as mime, which is one of the most beautiful performances that you cannot miss.

●      Getting around by tram

You should take a guided tour using the heritage tram located in the Taksim area, which is one of the most beautiful things you can do when in Istanbul.

●      Tasting Turkish meals

Taksim area flourishes with many popular restaurants and luxury restaurants where you can eat your meals in these restaurants, and these restaurants offer many meals and local foods, for example, you can try the famous Turkish doner meal.

Infrastructure in Taksim

Transportation in the Taksim area

The city of Istanbul is characterized by its vitality and the presence of advanced infrastructure that makes it rank among the best international cities in terms of infrastructure. Taksim area is characterized by the presence of the best services and transportation at the level of Istanbul. There are many transportation methods available to reach all Turkish regions, and the most important of these roads is the metro station which has the name of Taksim station.

Hospitals and health institutions

Taksim area contains many clinics and health centers that are widely spread in the area, in order to meet the needs of the residents of the area. The government hospital is located in Taksim area, which has many specialized clinics in addition to the emergency department located in this hospital for urgent cases, and is also located there the military hospital, which provides many health services to the population in the Taksim area.

Educational services in Taksim area

As we mentioned earlier that the Taksim area is located in the European part and is the most important in Istanbul, it is characterized by easy access to all educational services in the city. The city is interested in the presence of many educational services at the highest level, and the Taksim area contains a large number of educational facilities, the most important of which is Mimar Sinan University and High School Galatasaray.

Advantages of living in the Taksim area of Istanbul

Taksim area is considered one of the most vital areas in the city of Istanbul and includes many main life activities and entertainment, and also contains many health and educational facilities that provide services at the highest level, and there are many restaurants, markets, and advanced infrastructure that suit housing in this area.

The residents of the Taksim area can reach all parts of Istanbul through the diverse transportation network, and it also contains many entertainment places and historical places that you can visit at any time you want.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Taksim

Everyone can buy in the Taksim area, which is one of the best places where you can buy an apartment, especially in Istanbul, and if you want to invest in real estate and take advantage of the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey , all you have to do is buy an apartment in Taksim and you can then obtain Turkish citizenship , and there are a lot of apartments in the area at an affordable price. Also, after buying an apartment, you can rent it and benefit from its returns.

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