Everything You Need to Know About High Ticket Sales


If you want to make more money with high ticket sales, you must understand the sales intent behind them. Unlike other types of sales, high ticket sales are known for their sales intent and can be counterproductive if you use pushy and rigid sales tactics. Instead of pushing your product or service, you should use value-based, consultative, or target account selling strategies. Listed below are four of the most important selling strategies for high ticket sales:

Pre-sales routine

A successful pre-sales routine begins with a structured customer discovery process. After qualifying a customer, pre-sales reaches out to learn about their business and their challenges. This information helps sales reps position their products and develop proposals. A robust pre-sales team consists of people with deep knowledge of the customer’s business and needs. By taking time to understand your customer, your pre-sales team can increase the efficiency of your sales process.

One element that makes pre-sales routines so effective is social media promotion. When it comes to social media, it’s easy to get distracted by promoting the pre-sale on one platform but omitting others completely is a huge mistake. Posting on each platform with different content is essential. Make sure to communicate pre-orders on your 24-hour stories, Instagram posts, and Facebook updates.

Content strategy

There are a couple of key elements to a content strategy for high ticket sales. Firstly, you need to understand existing and future buyer intent. Content should be relevant and targeted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your content assets should meet both bottom and middle funnel intent. Optimizing content for bottom funnel intent is easier than middle funnel intent. You should also have a strategy for how you can improve conversion rates for each of your content assets.

Once you have an understanding of your target market, it is possible to build a content strategy for high ticket sales that will drive conversions. For example, you might use content marketing to drive traffic to your website. You can also use video hosting platforms such as YouTube to share your content. This type of content is designed to move prospects deliberately through your customer value journey. Once you have your content plan in place, you can then start planning for each stage of the funnel.

Relationship-focused sales funnel

A relationship-focused sales funnel is a strategy that prioritizes establishing a personal connection with potential customers. This approach enables you to build trust and loyalty with your audience. As your relationship grows and you offer them value, they will be more willing to buy from you. A relationship-focused sales funnel allows you to nurture your relationship and ultimately convert them into a ready prospect. Here are some of the key benefits of this approach.

At the top of your funnel, you’ll find new prospects. These people have heard about your products and services but have not made a decision yet. Offer a freebie to move them through your sales funnel. This freebie will become a lead and provide you with their contact information. As your prospects move through the sales funnel, you’ll be able to provide them with additional educational materials and resources that will help them improve their life.

Price resistance

Many salespeople, especially those who do not work for low-cost providers, face price resistance, a major roadblock in the sales process. Prospects do not like to pay more than necessary and price resistance is often one of the biggest barriers to purchase. Pricing is especially problematic when the sale is for high ticket items, which often require significant sales skill. To overcome price resistance, you must first understand what sets your product or service apart from its competition.

A resistance level is a price level that an asset has trouble reaching. To visualize a resistance level, draw a line connecting the high and low points of an asset’s price history. You can also draw a trendline to get a more dynamic view of resistance. This line will help you determine the current level of price. To find this level, use trendlines and other technical analysis tools. If you are familiar with technical analysis, you may have come across resistance levels before.

Value of long-term relationships

The importance of building strong customer relationships is crucial to a business’s success. When prospects trust you and trust your products and services, they will be more likely to purchase them from you again. This type of relationship is critical to the success of most businesses. Fortunately, most salespeople are taught to value long-term relationships in their sales training. Here are some helpful tips for building customer relationships in the sales industry.

Establishing a long-term relationship is essential to any high ticket sales business. The best salespeople know their clients inside and out. Developing a relationship with a customer means you can learn about their specific needs and provide them with the product or service they’re looking for. This will ultimately lead to a high ticket close. In high ticket sales, creating long-term relationships is important because loyal customers spend 31% more than new customers and are less price sensitive.

Selling high-ticket products with referrals

One of the most effective ways to build your business and build referrals is to use a swipe copy. A swipe copy is a piece of content that is prewritten and sent to your referrals. This reduces friction for your referrals and ensures that your message is on brand. A good swipe copy does not read like a marketing message but instead feels like a friend sending a recommendation. It incorporates social currency and practical value, which makes it easy to send a message through various channels with one click.

When setting up a referral program, make sure you start with the end in mind. You’ll want to increase revenue, brand awareness, lower CAC, and create social proof in your customers. It’s important to eliminate friction in the referral process and give your customers a reason to join your program. Remember to give more value than cash. It’s not enough to simply give away a free product, either. You have to offer something that will make the experience worth their time.

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