Facts About Owning A Pet In Toronto

Owning A Pet

The difficulty, tasks, requirements, and experiences in owning a pet may vary in the different situations, incomes, places, and preferences of each owner. No owner is exactly the same as the others, considering that everyone raises their beloved pets in different ways. The methods of raising an animal may differ in the amount of affection they show their pet, how they discipline their pet, the place that they reside in, the money that they own, and more factors.

One thing that is really notable is the places that the owner and the pet are staying. More animals and their owners have more freedom in doing certain things, yet others have to be more cautious. This is because in every city, state or country, there are rules and regulations that must be followed, with each location having differences and similarities in its respective sets of rules.

Every place has multiple pets and pet owners in it, pet-related laws for citizens to follow, pet care services to visit, and other important animal facts that every owner should know. Toronto is not an exception when it comes to the things listed above. The city has plenty of rules and services that you must know if you live in this city and own a pet.

If you are a pet owner currently staying in Toronto, here are some facts related to your pet that you might find useful.

  • There is a limit on the number of pets to own.

While owning multiple pets would be a dream for many people, when you’re in Toronto, you have to be aware that there is a limit on the number of pets that each owner can have. There is a limit of six dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits that can be kept “in any dwelling unit” in Toronto under Chapter 349 of the municipal code. If you choose to be exclusively just a dog owner, the limit would be three dogs. Additionally, walking with three dogs at the same time is prohibited in the city if you don’t have a commercial dog walker’s permit. Breaking this code by owning more pets than the limited amount can lead to punishments, typically by having to pay a fine.

  • Whatever your pet does is your responsibility.

As an owner, ensuring that your pet is behaving properly is very important. Usually, an animal’s behavior reflects the treatment of its owners to it. If you’re a pet owner, especially a dog owner, you should know that if ever your pet shows violence and hurts a person or even another animal, for instance, bites someone, you are responsible for this. Any form of attack performed by the animal you own is for you to take care of. If ever this does happen, you might be asked to pay for any damages and/or injuries caused by your pet.

  • There are affordable yet excellent vets to visit.

Securing your pet’s safety and prioritizing its health is an important obligation as an owner, although doing this might be hard if you are struggling financially. Balancing your pet’s needs as well as your own or maybe also your family’s concerns is a difficult task, especially if you are facing hard circumstances. If you are a pet owner on a budget and you need to visit a veterinarian to check, care or provide treatment for your pet, do not worry as there are plenty of cheap vets in Toronto. These vets will ensure your pet’s well-being while being reachable and easily accessible to people with financial difficulties.

  • You can get in trouble if your pet is too loud.

If your pet makes loud noises, an example being excessive barking in dogs, you can get in trouble. This is because of the Noise Bylaw in Toronto, which regulates and enforces the noise guidelines in the city. Any loud noises that may break one of the standards or restrictions will result in receiving a notice for a noise complaint, which can result in having to pay a fine. Your pet is not exempted from this rule, any loud noises that your neighbors may think are disturbing could be reported. So keeping your pet’s noises down and showing respect to people living in your area is also something to look out for.

Knowing and applying these facts to living as a pet owner in Toronto is advisable. Owning a pet is not easy, but if you want to be a good pet owner, knowing the different regulations in the area you live in plays a big role in that. Hopefully, this blog gave you more insight into what you need to know when owning a pet in Toronto!





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