Fall Fashion 2022- What are the latest trends?

Fall Fashion 2022

The season of fall fashion is here! It is offering some more than amazing trends with which any fashionista is bound to fall in love. We say goodbye to the summery T-shirts and shorts, and we are welcoming with open hearts beautiful coats, jackets, blazers, boots, and all pieces of clothing perfect for fall.

The coziness of the Fall season

Isn’t fall the coziest season of them all? All those beautiful colors, the rainy days, enjoying incredible sceneries – sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But what we love most about fall is not the coziness – it is the fashion. Fall is the best season for embracing your style and experimenting with the latest trends. 

Latest fashion trends for Fall 2022

Wide-leg jeans

You are probably not surprised by this fall trend. We are seeing wide-leg jeans everywhere around us at the moment, and way fewer skinny bottoms. But why? Because wide-leg jeans have been one of the top fall fashion movements in the last couple of years! They look super good and give us the best style throwback!

These types of denim pants look fantastic on almost any body type. Furthermore, we strongly believe they are here to stay, and we will be seeing those for at least several years before skinny jeans become popular again. 


Loafers are another one of the classics which are supper trendy this season. They may look a little odd and professional at first, but when styled properly – they are more than gorgeous. You can go for simple, black ones, or you can choose shoes in unexpected colors to add some statement to your fall outfit. 

Oversized blazers

Of course, we also have oversized blazers as one of the top fall trends in 2022. They are probably our favorite elegant pieces of clothing as they can be styled to complement an office look, a sporty one, or an elegant one. They can be used to add color and detail to a fall outfit.

Shirt jackets

Shirt jackets are one of the most popular fall trends this year. These garments look super cute, they are very stylish and can be the perfect finishing touch for any seasonal outfit. Furthermore, they are the best option for warmer fall days.

Trench coats

Trench coats are a wardrobe staple every woman has to own. They are lightweight and great for layering, which makes them perfect for both sunny and rainy fall weather. So, what more do you need? Get yourself a timeless trench coat in beige or black, because it is one of the best and most prominent fall trends that would most likely never go away. 

Leather tops

Leather is everywhere when it comes to fall trends this year. We see it on the runways and on social media in oversized jackets, boots, bags, and even tops. Speaking of tops, leather tops are super trendy in 2022, and you should definitely go and get yourself one. Style it with wide-leg jeans, or make an all-leather outfit – it’s your choice!

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