FIFA 23 Takes The Top Spot Last Week on UK Charts


Video game company FIFA brings an end to its venerable franchise with FIFA 23. An almost 30-year relationship centered around stars like David Platt gracing the cover of EA Sports magazine has come to an end over a licensing dispute. Obviously, no one will learn anything by playing FIFA 23. Despite being the last title with the well-known moniker, EA’s most recent football simulation is doing business as normal, both on and off the field. Although there are a few new features sprinkled throughout its many game modes, and Ultimate Team gets its biggest update in years, FIFA’s farewell song is mostly a game of little tweaks. Why not join people here around to devote FIFA 23 Coins to build an unstoppable team and generously enjoy the game? People find enjoyment and know where the recourse can be found once they don’t have coins.

The inclusion of HyperMotion2 ensures that every match in FIFA 23 looks and feels more real and immersive from the moment you foot onto its gorgeously reproduced turf. The creators were able to motion capture each of the 22 players in a real-life match thanks to the groundbreaking technology that debuted in the game last year. There were several new animations that made FIFA’s gameplay more lifelike by including every little element and context-specific action throughout the course of a full 90 minutes. FIFA 23 simply improves on its predecessor with HyperMotion2 by gathering more information from both full-length matches and professional teams’ training sessions. This results in more fluid player movement around the field, more realistic player collisions, and more realistic player strikes. 

After a little delay, the most recent UK boxed charts statistics are out. As predicted, EA’s FIFA 23 has risen to the top, dethroning Splatoon 3 after many weeks at the top.

Since Switch only accounted for 6% of overall sales (the PS5 generated 41%, the PS4 30%, and the Xbox One 17%), it is difficult to credit this victory to the Nintendo system. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the Switch is once again getting limited upgrades with the game’s Legacy Edition, and our underwhelming 2/10 rating reflects our lack of enthusiasm. In other news, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has returned to the top of the list this week, if you will, after spending the previous several weeks at the bottom or off the chart entirely.

Of course, the UK charts wouldn’t be the same without the major names still there, and this week Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo Switch Sports, Minecraft, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus all had good performance figures. Will this trend ever stop?

With its effective depiction of both the heart of the beautiful game and the dismal tactics of the money-hungry vultures hovering above, FIFA 23 is a fitting finale to an era. It has as much to do with greed as it does with getting a screaming shot.

7 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Takes The Top Spot Last Week on UK Charts

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