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Quick Quack Car Wash in Sacramento offers car washes free of charge for ten consecutive day. This is to celebrate opening a new express exterior-only vehicle wash in Roseville and Granite Bay. From April 6th to April 15th, the new location will offer the free car washes.

The new carwash is located at 3975 Douglas Boulevard. It is near the intersection of Sierra College Boulevard. Quick Quack Car Wash will be open daily from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m.

This is the tenth Quick Quack Carwash located in the Greater Sacramento Area. A second location will be built in the Arden Avenue area of Sacramento. It will be ready by the end this summer.

Jason Johnson, CEO of Quick Quack Car Wash stated that they are proud to have a new location and use the most up-to-date car washing technology. This includes recycling water and conserving it. We are eager to expand our reach into a new great community.

Sacramento Magazine recently voted Quick Quack “Best of Sacramento”. It was also voted Sacramento’s favorite carwash in the 2015 KCRAA list. Quick Quack was named the 2014 Sustainable Business of the Year. The partnership with the Regional Water Authority was recognized by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors for its exceptional sustainable business practices.

Quick Quack Car Wash
Quick Quack Car Wash is available in 21 cities across California, Texas and Colorado. Quick Quack Car Wash was created out of the desire clean cars with the latest technology and to do it quickly. Quick Quack’s speed and unlimited “Wash as many times you like” memberships are what make it so popular. Fully automated and computerized, the high-quality and environmentally-friendly car washing system uses soft cloth and filtered recycled water. The Touchless car wash is performed while the customer remains in their car. The vehicle is then rinsed with water that has had any spots removed. The vehicle can be dried in less than 5 minutes. Online information is available.


It doesn’t cost too much to get the best car wash. Quick Quack’s Car wash business plan is your best option. The car washing process is quick and easy. It also doesn’t compromise on cleanliness. Continue reading to find out more about the company and the freebies.

What is Quick Quack Car Wash, you ask?

“Fast. Clean. Quick Quack Car Wash’s “Loved…Everywhere” motto is well-known. Quick Quack Car Wash’s President and CEO is Jason Johnson. He founded the company in 2004. It is one of the most prestigious car washes in America and has since expanded to several states.

Are there any Quick Quack car washes available?

Utah, California, Texas and Texas offer more than 100 Quick Quack car wash options. Soon, there will be more branches. There will be a Quick Quack Auto Wash near you, no matter where your home is in these five states.

What is Quick Quack Car Wash, you ask?

With the $19.99 monthly plan, you can enjoy Quick Quack car washes. You can also purchase basic services for as low as $19.99 or $7.99.

What is Quick Quack Car Wash Song?

Quick Quack Car Wash works hard to offer the best car washes. To keep things moving, The Quick Quack Car Wash has a catchy tune called “I Ain’t having Too Much Fun”. The song states that cars should not be too clean and that they don’t have to be over-clean.

Pricing for Quack Car Wash

Quick Quack Car Wash pricing is flexible and the services it provides are strong. Are you looking for a quick and affordable car wash? Their basic wash packages are available. But what about total wash and care? Lucky Duck bundles could be right for your needs. Below are the prices.

What does a Quick Quack car wash cost?

It all depends upon which service you choose. Full-service car washes are more expensive than self-service. The basic wash is $7.99 and the Lucky Duck option $19.99.

How much does a Quick Quack car washing membership cost?

You get four unlimited Quick Quack car washes and an unlimited wash-and-pay membership. This $19.99 monthly plan is for people who want unlimited basic vehicle care and washing.

Prices for all Quick Quack Express Carwashes

Here is a complete list for Quick Quack car washes. Prices will vary depending on where you live. You can search for Quick Quack Car Wash Near Me to contact the customer service representative at Quick Quack Car Wash.

Quick BASIC is the most affordable and fast basic car wash for those who are on the go or have limited cash. It costs $7.99 Read More

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