Five Effective Ways to Put an End to Persistent Anxiety 

Anxiety is natural. Everyone has it once in a while but for some people, it becomes a constant companion. If the anxiety is persistent in your life, it presents a huge problem. Yes, constant anxiety will eventually start interfering in your everyday life. 

It will hinder your workplace performance, your cognitive abilities, and your energy levels to perform day-to-day tasks. In other words, it will leave you incapable of functioning properly. Therefore, it must be catered to immediately. The following are a few ways you can put an end to anxiety, once and for all:


First and foremost, you need to start meditating daily. Meditation is a holistic healing treatment that has become quite popular in recent times, owing to its amazing health benefits. It promotes your physical and emotional well-being simultaneously. 

Simply meditate twice a day for no more than five minutes and you’ll feel a significant difference in your anxiety levels. The great thing is that you don’t have to join a class for it. Just go to YouTube and you’ll find a free tutorial.

Mindfulness-Based Yoga

If you’re not into meditation, you can practice mindfulness in yoga as well. It is equally beneficial in alleviating anxiety. In fact, mindfulness eliminates anxiety from its root cause. How? Well, as you know, anxiety is often a result of overthinking. 

Mindfulness-based yoga involves focusing on one thought or object while stretching your body. It practically teaches you to live in the moment. Once you learn the art of living in the moment, you learn to overcome anxiety. 

Herbs and Plants

Herbs and plants work as well as allopathic medicines, even better as they have no side effects. Back when there were no allopathic medicines, people used to treat all physical and mental health conditions using herbs and plants. 

Several of them work well for eliminating anxiety, including chamomile, passionflower, and cannabis. As you know, persistent anxiety adversely affects your sleep. If you have a similar issue, cannabis is the plant for you. It can help regulate your sleep and alleviate anxiety. Just buy some hash online and give it a try.


Socializing always helps with anxiety. Whether you feel anxious because of everyday tasks or you feel restless in social situations, socializing is the answer. Yes, it works for social anxiety, too. Have you heard of exposure and response therapy? 

Expose yourself to anything that makes you feel anxious, face your fears, and eventually, they’ll leave your system. It’s as simple as that. Plus, socializing helps divert your attention, which also helps in relieving anxiety. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Last but not least, one cannot forget about progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) when speaking of anxiety. It doesn’t only help control anxiety and stress but also help manage insomnia. It relaxes your mind and body, which promotes healthy sleep. 

If you want to perform progressive muscle relaxation exercises in a professional setting, you can visit a psychotherapist. If not, there are dozens of videos available on YouTube. You can watch them and follow the exercises at home.

Oh, and in case nothing else works, please be sure to consult a mental health expert. Your mental health is as important as your physical well-being, so you must never ignore any such condition. I wish you well, pals!

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