Five Reasons You Should Study a Nursing Degree

Study a Nursing Degree

Numerous reasons make nursing an appealing profession for many people around the world. If you’re passionate about helping others or need to work in an environment where you’ll become useful to everyone around you, then studying nursing is an ideal way to do so.

Over many years, the nursing profession has been considered an excellent career choice. This profession is vast, covering various work settings, job titles, and specialties. People who pursue the nursing profession will experience great job opportunities and higher salaries than most professions.

Below you’ll see a list of reasons you should study nursing at any university or college.

Nurse Professionals Have a High Earning Potential

Nobody likes to be stuck in a profession with low earning potential. However, the great news is that the nursing profession has some job positions and good salaries. The average annual pay of professional registered nurses is about $73,300, while an LPN earns around $47,480. You must consider that both nursing job positions don’t necessarily demand a bachelor’s degree. Now you know that this pay isn’t bad at all. The average MSN salary is about $70,000, and nurses with a few years of working experience can quickly climb up to $100,000. In addition to that, the demand for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) is growing day by day. Also one option you can have is finding the highest paying travel nursing jobs in your area. With a progressively increasing salary and a rising need in the job industry, earning an MSN in Nursing Education program could be a big step toward getting your financial freedom.

Above all, professional nurses get some excellent advantages such as tuition reimbursement for advanced studies, pension plans, tax savings plans, life insurance, generous paid time off (PTO), schedule flexibility, and much more.

Guaranteed Job at the End of Nursing Degree

Yes, that is right. Nursing is among the most highly employable and well-paid degrees. More than 95% of nursing students secure themselves a nursing job during their initial three months of graduation. Additionally, as nursing degrees involve multiple hospital placements, many bright students find a better job offer or various job offers ahead of their graduation. So if you are worried about getting a suitable job upon graduation after all the hard work studying in your university, then the nursing profession is a career you must consider. The need and employment of LPNs (licensed practical nurses) are rapidly growing and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Nurses Help People for a Living

What could be more satisfying than walking on a career path where you get paid well to do what you like doing. That is the case, specifically if you are passionate about helping injured and sick people regain their total health. The nursing profession is considered a people profession in which you will be contributing to helping patients in the weakest moments of their lives.

As a nurse, you will be burdened with the critical responsibility of taking care of your patient’s medical needs, providing proper care for them, and making them feel safe and secure at all times. It is the highest fulfillment and satisfaction rarely seen in any other career path. Selecting to study your nursing degrees will give you the excellent opportunity to become a part of such a profession that comes with a central core of helping others for a better living. The nursing profession is about practicing at your best to provide better care to your patients in whatsoever situations they are experiencing. There’re very few jobs that allow you to return home with the feeling of complete satisfaction, knowing that you have touched many people’s hearts and made a genuine difference.

Wide and Varied Employment Options

Examples of various nursing fields that you can opt for include family practice, medical-surgical, pediatrics, mental health, maternal-infant, geriatrics, and adult health. Furthermore, you can also secure advanced level jobs in the following fields:

  • Nursing education
  • Academia
  • Patient care coordination 
  • Health care administration
  • Nursing case management
  • Nursing management and leadership
  • Implementation of evidence-based practice
  • Community education and public health

Moreover, technology is contributing a new element to this nursing profession. This profession is not limited to practicing in a hospital setting, and you can also specialize in different fields such as informatics. It is a field that encompasses measuring, analyzing, and diagnosing important data and interpreting it into simple, easy-to-understand information that you can use for proper patient care and treatment. Professional nurse practitioners with expertise in data analysis will remain in hot demand in the coming years.

Nursing Career Opportunities Are Expanding

There isn’t any restriction to what you can obtain with your professional nursing degree. You can become an entrepreneur, professor, administrator, blogger, policymaker, researcher, and most importantly, a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) at the peak of your nursing career. There are a lot of job opportunities for nurse professionals outside their hospital setting. The nursing profession is more like a rigorous profession as nurse practitioners are becoming more and more mobile throughout health care, business, politics, and many other fields of human endeavor. As a result, these nurses gain more power that positions them to become change elements in their society.


People who love to care for others and seek to pursue a career in the healthcare industry should opt for nursing. Undoubtedly, nursing is a relatively more demanding profession, but the sense of satisfaction this profession of care gives you is unmatchable. Moreover, the career opportunities the nursing profession offers you are unlimited.

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