Foreign Media Praised Hulk-TV As The Best Striker

Overseas soccer broadcast Tottenham Hotspur’s Hulk-tv (28) praised it.

Hulk-tv scored a penalty kick in the 45th minute of the second half in the 29th place match against Southampton against Southampton on the 22nd, leading Tottenham to a 2-1 victory.

In the first match played under the interim manager Ryan Mason, 29, who left manager Jose Mourinho, Son Heung-min’s performance stood out.

Overseas football broadcaster Le Monde said on the 22nd, “Heung-Min Son is the best in Asia. He is a striker. His 15 goals in his evolving professional career. He broke his personal record for most goals in six years at Tottenham.”

The media said, “Heung-min Son scored 14 goals in the 2016/2017 season.

 He has the most goals and 9 assists against Southampton. He said he is having the best season since the transfer from Bayer-Berkusen to Tottenham in 2015.

He continued, “Heung-Min Son is the former manager of Mourinho this season. He became a goal hunter under such guidance. The number of goals scored through the hotline with Harry Kane increased. As soon as the ball was supplied, there were a lot of scenes involving Hulk-tvscoring.”

He said that the goal rhythm was the best in the middle of the 해외스포츠중계 season, but he has scored two goals in the last three matches, showing signs of recovery. He also scored more than 20 goals in his remaining five games. As a striker for the English Premier League team, his presence is world-class. It is no exaggeration to say that he is the best in Asian history. Following ace Kane, he showed high performance in recent years and established himself as a representative of the Premier League. He is a striker. It is noteworthy whether Son Heung-min, who has risen to a world-class level with results in England, can reach a higher level.”

Super League Predicted Best Up 11

Amid the heated debate over the overseas soccer relay Super League, the players banned what they expected during the World Cup.” Best 11

As time goes by, the confrontation between the Super League and the European Football Federation (UEFA) is getting worse. K-League Korea announced its launch on the 19th (Korean time) through an official announcement, heralding a tectonic change in the football world. The clubs participating in the Premier League even announced their withdrawal from the European Club Association (ECA).

Immediately, the European Football Federation (UEFA), an overseas soccer broadcaster, countered and argued against the creation of the Super League. President Champlain of the European Football Federation said at a press conference that the Super League is a shameful and selfish plan and an act of spitting on football-loving fans. Competitions held in Europe require all teams to compete fairly and participate together. However, Super Leagues that violate this rule will not be allowed. Players playing in the Premier League are banned from participating in the World Cup and UEFA Champions League.”

In the midst of this, the British media ‘the Sun’, a foreign soccer broadcaster, reported a special article that fans were interested in. On the 20th, the media reported on the list of the best 11 under the theme of ‘The best players in the European Super League, including Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are banned from participating in the World Cup’.

The Best 11 draws attention as it consists of the best players in existence. First of all, an unprecedented event gathered at the forefront. The strongest offensive lineman. Messi, Ronaldo and Harry Kane will make their way to the three-top.

The breathing of the midfielders is also good. Raheem Sterling, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin De Bruyne and Muhammad Salah collaborate. These four players performed at their best in both the Premier League and European competitions this season.

The defensive line was made up of three-backs by Mattez de Ligt, Virgil van Dijk and Sergio Ramos, and the goal was scored by Jan O. Braque defense. The defensive line, which can only be seen in games, is difficult to penetrate no matter what striker comes. He was able to break through, but the oval lock was holding up.

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