Free government money for seniors over 50

government money for seniors

It is costly to age. Seniors often have to deal with costly healthcare issues and must find the funds to modify their homes or to pay the substantial cost of living in a senior community. Many seniors struggle to pay the rising costs of aging, even after working hard. Grants work as free government money for seniors over 50 because you do not have to repay the funding.. 

Grants are one source that you might be able turn to in some situations. Although most grants offered by government and foundations are for programs and organizations, grants can be made to individuals for specific needs.

These are the three types of grants that seniors may find useful:

Business grants

Business grants are available for seniors who don’t want to give up but need some assistance getting started or maintaining a business.

The Purpose Award is a grant offered by the AARP to people over 50 who are using their life experiences to help bring about positive change. To help individuals who want to start or manage a small business, the government offers a number of grants, some of which are focused on veterans, women and minorities.

Healthcare Grants

You may be eligible for a grant if you have difficulty paying healthcare costs that are beyond the Medicare coverage.

PAN Foundation and Healthwell Foundation offer grants to help with the medical expenses of certain diseases. They could help you lower your overall cost if you have one of these illnesses.

Home Improvement Grants

You may be eligible for a grant if you want to keep your home but need to make some changes to make it more practical. Low-income residents may be eligible for grants from states to help them pay for needed repairs or weatherization updates. This will reduce your heating and cooling costs. Because they allow people to stay in their homes longer and make it safer, these grants are often called “nursing home diversion” because they enable them to avoid having to move into a nursing facility.

Grants for home modifications can be accessed by veterans. If you are a veteran who needs home modifications because of disability, the Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant (HISA), Specially Adapted Housing Grants (SAH) and Special Housing Adaptation Grants (SHA) are all worthwhile options. For more information visit

If you are over 62 and live in rural areas, you might be eligible for a single family housing repair grant from USDA. This grant can be used to fix or remove safety hazards from your home.

Tips to Apply for Grants

Grants can be difficult to get because there is usually only so much money available. There are several ways to increase your chances of getting a grant for your situation.

  1. Ask questions. Don’t hesitate to contact the foundation or government office if you are unsure about any of the instructions. It’s better to be sure that you do it correctly before you submit, than to have your application rejected because of a misunderstanding.
  2. Double-check all information in your application. Make sure to take the time to review it and make sure there are no errors. Do not let any blunders slip by.
  3. Make a plan for your submission. Spend some time thinking about what you want to say. Your application will not be as effective if you simply write and send it. Instead, take the time to read through the instructions and plan your response. Then, you can review it and make improvements.
  4. Be sure to read the instructions carefully. Don’t send more information than is required by the grant. The committee can reduce the number of applicants by removing those who don’t follow the instructions.

Seniors have many options for financial assistance. Grants are not the only type of financial aid seniors can access.

If you didn’t find much in your search for grants for seniors, take a look at the BenefitsChecker to learn about any other resources that you might be eligible for. Or consider other ways to make money in retirement.

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