FunPinPin for You: What’s the E-commerce Trends in 2022

E-commerce Trends

The unprecedented e-commerce boom has helped businesses gain significance well beyond borders. Nowadays, the rise of the internet has made it extremely easy for consumers worldwide to shop from the comfort of their houses. E-Commerce is, thus, making record-breaking progress every year, which signifies a more vibrant industry in the near future.

For instance, e-commerce retail sales touched a mammoth $4.9 trillion in 2021 and are projected to reach $7.4 trillion by 2025. While you need a highly efficient e-commerce store builder like FunPinPin to make your business a success, you also have to take care of new e-commerce trends that are changing the way this industry works. These changing trends include:

Eco-friendly delivery

More businesses are now reconsidering the way they package their products. Till now, most businesses have been using plastic packaging, which is hazardous to the environment. This is also important for the fact that climate change is forcing countries to change their laws at a rapid pace which can make plastic packaging irrelevant in the near future. This is where the role of environment-friendly compostable packaging comes in, as it provides unparalleled avenues to heal the environment. Similarly, improving your return management process is also one of the promising ways to heal the environment, not to mention that companies are also taking ambitious steps to ensure carbon-free delivery, which will be the pinnacle of green e-commerce once it is achieved.

More flexible delivery options

Having multiple delivery options for your e-commerce business is the best thing you can do to make more sales. For instance, you can add more drop-off locations to various places to ensure early delivery. This way, buyers will have to choose at checkout which pickup position they prefer for their purchase. As your customers get the products at the outlet of their choice according to their convenience, your business is likely to make big gains. Adding flexible delivery options requires a website builder that can add customized functionality, and FunPinPin serves this purpose.

Better shopping experience with AR and VR tools

While e-commerce products are getting popular among the masses, sometimes people want more contextual information about the products before making a purchase. For example, in a brick-and-mortar environment, you can easily check the product in detail compared to e-commerce, where you have to use your instinct for a purchase. But the rise of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will be extremely helpful in helping you for a better experience. These trending technologies give you greater insights into the products as you step into an alternate virtual world and immerse yourself in the actual store environment in which you are shopping. This technology is likely to replace offline commerce too much extent in most avenues. But you have to use an e-commerce site builder that allows you to add this functionality to your store.

Brand new voice-based online shopping

E-commerce is taking a new shape with every passing day. In this regard, voice shopping is the new trend that lets your customers shop with the help of their voice. This technology works on voice recognition technology, which many customers prefer due to its ease of operations.

More personalized strategies

The changing e-commerce industry is all about personalized targeting. Using highly personalized strategies like displaying recently viewed items and creating personalized homepages, stores are getting more traction these days. This is for the fact that people feel more connected to your products this way which is not possible in random marketing strategies. With a website builder like FunPinPin, it is now a walk in the park to introduce personalized targeting to your e-commerce store to get a boom in your sales.

FunPinPin recommendation

FunPinPin is an all-inclusive website builder that comes up with many functionalities needed to make a perfect store. For instance, you can market your products to a highly targeted audience which is crucial for any e-commerce store’s success. With FunPinPin’s easy shop setup facility, it is not hard to start e-commerce, even if you are a new player in the market. Similarly, its immediate custom support will bring you out of any problems that you may face during your e-commerce journey.


FunPinPin has proven itself an efficient platform for global e-commerce businesses due to the variety of features encompassed in one platform. This best e-commerce website builder is a cloud-based technology which means you will enjoy increased website speed. As FunPinPin is a safe and secure platform, payment processing becomes easy, which is critical for any business’s success.

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