G20 regulators to present global crypto rules in October 2022

G20 regulators to present global crypto rules in October 2022

Cryptocurrency has been gaining huge profits for being a profitable investment model. The primary reason for its success may be attributed to its working model. 

Bitcoin is the first crypto token that was launched in 2009. Since then the number of tokens and market volume have increased. Today, there are more than 14k+ crypto tokens. The market volume of the token has increased to $3 trillion. Along with crypto tokens, there has also been an increasing interest in stablecoins, NFTs, etc. To improve your trading skills, visit bitcoin-smarter.com.

Market performance of crypto tokens

Crypto tokens have indeed made investors richer. Bitcoin is a classic example of the above statement. The token was launched in the global market in 2009 at a launch price of $1 per token. Given the market performance and its demand, the price of tokens touched an all-time high of $65k per token. Early investors in Bitcoin were able to reap huge profits using this token. Like Bitcoin, various other tokens have made history. Popular coins like Ethereum, Shiba, and Polka dot have provided their investors with decent profits. 

But the year 2022 has been different. The market opened to a slow start. The first quarter displayed a decent market performance. Fast forward, to May 2022 the crypto market saw an all-time low in performance. The prices plunged making crypto tokens a doubtful investment model. Even the top tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba did not escape this market crash. 

The prices of Bitcoin were reduced to $19k per token. It is also expected that the price of BTC may plunge to $10k per token. The current market condition has created huge panic amongst crypto investors. Many investors tried to sell their existing holdings to avoid further losses. It also created a huge stir and inflation as the market supply exceeded the demand. 

Regulations around crypto tokens

Since the launch of tokens in 2009, crypto tokens have always been under the radar. Many economists and regulatory agencies identified the negative impact of crypto investments.

Considering the growing interest in crypto investments, many countries are studying this model. Earlier this year, the US president signed a bill to regulate crypto investments. The steering committee set up under his leadership will work on regulating cryptos. This steering committee will work to ensure that crypto investments become legal in the US. It will also work to provide a safe investment economy to the future generation. 

Launch of global crypto rule

With the market plunge across the industry, regulatory agencies are concerned about cryptos. The Financial Stability Board (FSB) is working to regulate both crypto and stable tokens. The board will work on developing international regulations and higher supervision. The board is taking efforts to monitor crypto transactions effectively. 

The FSB will develop and submit this report to the G20 ministers. The board will provide complete guidance on crypto investments including stable tokens. 

The FSB board includes regulatory agencies from various countries including India. The panel has been studying this investment and making efforts to reduce risks. The panel will strive to develop regulations. However, this board is only a regulatory agency and does not have the authority to enforce any rules. The committee can only submit proposals on how cryptos can be regulated. 

The FSB also clarified that every crypto asset needs to be subjected to strict regulation. It will allow regulatory agencies to have adequate oversight of these investments. The transactions are monitored and regulations will allow reducing investor risks. The risks are posed in both native and international markets making regulations compulsory. 

Another reason for such regulations involves the growing interest in stablecoins. The tokens are taking mainstream advantage and provide financial stability to investors. It is also important to ensure that such stable tokens and investments adhere to all global regulations. 

The FSB also clarified that the agency is working with various other global bodies as well. The board is connected with FATF and provides direct supervision of crypto investments. The organization supervises crypto tokens and stable coin investments. The board is also analyzing various impacts and negative implications of Decentralised Finance. 

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