Gas powered capstan winch along with latest models

A capstan winch is a gadget usually used on maritime vessels to stiffen or release wires which can boost or subordinate sails and further objects. Contrasting to the latest winches, which have the cable or cable is attached to a drum, the capstan winch does not grip the whole dimension of the rope but in its place turns midway between one end of the rope and the other. The capstan is a perpendicular container that switches to apply pressure to the rope, and it was conventionally worked by numerous men using leveraging poles to turn the container.

Initial designs of the capstan winch were completely woody, with a perpendicular ray spreading from the casing of the ship by the deck. The barrel would then be fixed to the ray so it could swap freely. Future models used metal beams and barrels for increasing lifespan, however, they were still hand-operated by sailors. As far as machinery is getting better, these systems are gas-powered for increasing ease of use and enhancing safety. The capstan winch is used on many sailing containers, though they are typically gas-powered.

Gas-powered capstan winch

Meanwhile, in the beginning, these devices have conventionally been used on marine vessels, but in up-to-date times, the capstan winch has created a home in other requests such as industry and recreation. Loggers from time to time use a gaspowered capstan winch to move dense logs by the woods, and in some circumstances, the winches can be fixed to a vehicle such as a pickup truck. These devices will have a weight-bearing limit drawn by the constructer, and exceeding this weight limit could cause damage to the unit or even injury to the user.

A windlass is a device that works precisely equal to capstan winches, but in its place of containing a perpendicular container, the windlass will feature a parallel pulley or barrel. These gadgets are frequently used for the same drives in various applications as well. The latest winches incline to impersonate the design of the windlass rather than a capstan, as the devices are typically attached to a flat surface and the container is equivalent to that surface. Like capstans, windlasses do not feature a container that has the full length of rope enveloped around it; as an alternative, the barrel is middle between one end of the rope to the other.

There is a huge variety of  gas powered capstan winch that you can use for fulfilling the requirements of your projects. So, let’s start and have a look at these packages.

Portable Gas-Power-driven Capstan Winch having Model No. PCW-5000

It is a portable winch that has approximately weight up to 35.3 pounds. It is used for various applications some are mentioned below:

  • Most suitable to use for forestry, rescue, farming, and much more purposes
  • Pulls up to 2200 lbs. on a sole line
  • Lead the winch to a dense object like a tree or a vehicle ball hitch or a rock.
  • Get Power by a Honda GXH50 gas-based engine
  • A winch for multiple uses so, if you have this winch, you can use it for carrying various kinds of objects very easily.
  • It is attractive and direct to take a start use.
  • It is ideal for moving hefty items.
  • A low-weight winch that let users carry it around the woods very easily.
  • It provides very good elasticity.
  • A weighty-duty cable approaches with an element that unaffectedly bears for big contracts.
  • This winch is used for the vast dimension of pull. It exclusively is contingent on the extent of the rope.
  • Informal and rapid fastening.
  • No outside power source is compulsory as it is previously well-found with a gas-powered engine.
  • It comes with a full graphic user manual with a DVD covering valuable videos.
  • A polyester anchor suspension originates with the set.
  • Value the money to invest.

PCW3000 Gas-powered dragging capstan winch

It includes a GX35 engine powered by Honda, an all-location-based engine. This winch provides implausible pulling power in the lowest setup considered by Moveable Winch Cooperation.

  • Unleaded gas, 86 octane or more than that
  • Straight drive
  • The drum size is approximately 76 mm
  • The suggested diameter of the rope is 3/8″

The PCW3000 was planned to fulfill the needs for an unfluctuating additional moveable model than the original winch named PCW5000. The capstan drum in it lets users carry loads over the limitless dimension of cable, without loss of power in a much simple, operative, and safe means. Moreover, a huge range of equipment has been considered specifically to transmit it over extensive distances.

PCW5000-FK Gas-based Capstan engine Winch Forestry Equipment

This Portable Capstan Winch comprises a huge gathering of dedicated forestry tools which consists of each and everything that you might need for working within the woods: such as a Moveable Capstan Winch with knobs and anchor hangs. If a forester is looking for a powerful winch with some convenient tool to deal with logs and trees, this model is the best choice. To drag out logs easily, a device like a sliding cone can play an energetic role, if you are receiving that with this winch model.

Moveable Gas-Powered Capstan Winch Kit having the energy of 1550lbs

This gas-powered capstan winch is able to get energy from the consistent Honda’s 360. There is no boundary to the wire length. You can pull in it what you want and need to pull. It also delivers continuous pulling energy. The rope is knotted to the weight and the other part is covered 3 or 4 turns on the capstan drum. When the engine starts running, the capstan drum mechanically starts turning. You just need to pull on the wire to put on friction on the drum so that it is able to pull the load.


This article is based on a gas-powered capstan winch-type, that is portable and you can easily move it to a place where you need to perform work, some latest and most used winches models are described along with their specifications. So that if you are interested you can buy it as per your needs.

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