Gemini Compatibility – Traits, Love And Relationships

Yes, those stars in the sky and various planetary alignments indeed have a lot to do with how you are as a person. Your traits, behaviors, reactions and so on can often be anticipated by astrological predictions and deductions. But who knew that something such as love could also have to do with the same? We’ve always thought that love is something that is solely in our control and based on preferences that are unaffected by anything else. But whoever said, ‘Matches are made in heaven’, definitely said it for a good reason. 

Which is why based on that same knowledge and understanding, we bring to you the best zodiac couples today with Gemini being a common denominator in all of them. So if you know a chirpy Gemini in your life, are married to one or are a Gemini yourself, you are going to want to read on. 

Gemini Compatibility With Other Signs 

When it comes to Astrology, think of it as a map and not a manual. A manual gives you clear-cut directions that are completely absolute and irrevocable. But astrology is a little more complicated than that. It’s not as certain as you may like, but can give you a fair idea of things. Moreover, your own interpretation of it also affects it very much. 

Full disclaimer: The best zodiac couples on paper might not always appear like the best zodiac couples in real life. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no truth there at all. Once you read and understand more, the truth will start unraveling itself for sure. You can also check “how to get over someone you love”.

So when speaking of Geminis, you’re probably pondering, ‘Who are Geminis most compatible with?’ Well then without further ado, let’s get right into it!

1. Gemini and Taurus 

Wow, wow, wow! You were probably not expecting that since it is not a combination that is talked about too commonly. But there are some hidden secrets here. Taurus is the type of sign which takes its relationships very seriously and chooses to put great effort in them. This somewhat makes up for the easy-going Gemini on the other hand. It may take a while for them to get an understanding of one another but once they do, their love can be totally explosive!

What’s best about this dynamic is that they both have a lot to teach one another. Taurus has a more serious and practical approach to life while Gemini is more light-hearted in such a regard. This allows them to help each other grow. 

2. Gemini and Aries 

Due to their fabulous planetary positioning, this zodiac couple truly stands to be one of the best zodiac couples out there. The thing that brings the two of these together are some of the common traits and values that they share. With their sexual creativity, outdoorsy nature and a zest for life – this is undoubtedly a couple that is going to have a lot of fun together!

The only problem that the two might run into (and that’s not a bad thing, problems are only natural) is trust issues. A Gemini has a tendency to change it’s face pretty often and go back on their words. Aries, on the other hand, is incredibly passionate about their relationship. They have a jealous side which may not be able to comprehend A Gemini’s personality entirely. Nevertheless, this is still a relationship that is meant to last! 

3. Gemini and Gemini 

This force when combined with another one of it’s own, might just be unstoppable in a relationship. The quality that sets a Gemini apart from all the other zodiac signs is their want for learning and enthusiasm to grow! So when two people in a relationship are so badly willing to evolve and change for one another, that right there sounds like relationship goals to me!

What further makes them compatible is that Geminis are not afraid of a change of scenario or surrounding. They are very embracing of changes that way and are happy to adjust! Which is why it is safe to say that the sheer excitement never leaves their relationship! 

So those are the top 3 signs that are compatible with Geminis. We hope you now have a better understanding of what this sign is really like and who they are attracted to romantically. Remember, that just because you’re a Gemini and are having arguments with your spouse, doesn’t mean you’re entirely not compatible just because they aren’t one of these signs. Life and relationships are complicated that way, but a little help from the stars can help you navigate it all much better. 

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