Get the Best Results: SEO and PPC Working Together


SEO and PPC are two important digital marketing channels that serve unique purposes. SEO or search engine optimization is a way of increasing a website’s traffic organically, whereas PPC or pay-per-click generates traffic through paid Ads. While both are different, they help achieve a similar goal, i.e., bring more traffic to your website.

While most marketers like Miron Digital handle these strategies separately, combining the two can help improve your website’s performance. Read on to know how SEO and PPC can work together to get the best results. First, let us know why you should combine these two strategies.

Why Combine SEO And PPC?

Every business owner wants to ensure that all the aspects of the digital marketing campaign are working towards driving positive results. Should you focus more on SEO, PPC planner, or both? Well, if you want to maximize the results, it is best to use both in conjunction. But why? Below are some of the reasons-

Better Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is an integral part of both SEO and PPC. If you want to show up in the most relevant search results, you need to target the right keywords. As SEO may take time to show the results, you can’t check the effectiveness of the targeted keywords immediately.

PPC gives you instant results and lets you know which keywords are providing the most value. Thus, instead of waiting to see the results of SEO keyword optimization, you can use PPC keyword data to improve your SEO content.

PPC Leads People to Click Organic Listings

You already know how PPC Ads help drive website clicks. They click the Ad, reach your landing page, and get information about your business. Even if they don’t convert, they gain awareness about your brand and will remember your business whenever they search for similar products.

When the leads get familiar with your brand, they will likely click your organic listings too. This way, PPC builds brand awareness, increases website traffic, and brings organic search traffic.

Combining SEO and PPC Boosts Visibility

By experts When the audience sees both PPC marketing and organic listing, they remember your business better. As they frequently see you in the search results, they perceive that your business is credible. When the visibility increases, you have better opportunities to drive traffic, get leads, and make your website rank high.

However, when you make it to the first page of the organic results, it doesn’t mean that you should stop running PPC Ads. It is crucial to practice SEO and PPC consistently to gain maximum exposure.

For creating the best organic strategy:

By determining which ads give more conversations, you can better understand how you can create title tags, page content, and Meta descriptions that you want to rank. The advantages of using PPC ads to identify and test the page attributes will show you immediate results. This way, you will come to know what works for your ad and what’s not while testing titles and other content organically.

To combat the negative PR:

The combined PPC and SEO efforts can help control the negative PR, as you will be able to control your conversations effectively. Further, things like fake news, misleading facts, disclosure of dirty secrets, and more can affect your brand’s reputation and identity. However, you can target using a specific keyword to tell your brand story and combat negative reviews. To overcome negative reviews, promote your brand and make it look like a problem solver. By resolving your client’s problems, you can build better client relationships.

How To Get Best Results By Working On PPC And SEO Together?

Now that you know how PPC and SEO can help your business if they work in harmony let us look at some ways to use them.
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Study the Keyword Data

Running PPC and organic campaigns together gives you valuable data to analyze. Find out which keywords have a high conversion rate, and include them in your content. It will improve your organic rankings.

Integrate Your E-Commerce Feed into Google Ads Results

Link your specific product pages to your PPC Ads. Make sure to add a high-quality product image, description, and other specifications in your Ad, and align it with the right page, where the user can make a purchase. It will boost your e-commerce efforts.

Create Organic Content Strategy Based On the Best Performing Ad Copy

By Make tech Quick generally, what works for PPC, also works for SEO. Determine which PPC Ads give you the most desired results. This way, you get an idea of how to create content, descriptions, and title tags using high-value keywords to rank organically.

Enable Site Search on Your Website

In PPC, it is necessary to find out the most popular keywords customers use for searching a product. When you enable site search on the website and analyze the frequently used terms, you get insights into your customers’ needs. You can use this search data to inform high-performing PPC keywords.


In this article, we have illustrated some of the ways how PPC and SEO can work together to bring you the best results. By combining the data together and analyzing how one strategy complements the other, you can make better decisions. It will improve the results through both the marketing channels. It won’t be wrong to say that combining SEO and PPC is the secret to beating your competition in the SERPs. Therefore, it is imperative to learn how to integrate the data from both these channels to boost your digital marketing strategy.

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