Get to know more about the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Pacman?

Anniversary of Pacman

In the year 1980, a Japanese Company named Namco started a new arcade game. The only aim of this game was to create one such game that everyone can play. Pacman was released as Pac-Man in North America after it got great success. The popularity that was earned helped it gain a huge success and become a popular arcade game in history. We today we will try to find out about the Pacman 30th anniversary

When Was Pacman released? 

The Pacman is a video game that was released almost 30 years ago. After its release, it became the most iconic game and people started living the fun concept of the game. It is simple and highly addictive which helped it to gain the ultimate number of fans throughout the world. It is also available in both tablet and mobile which helped this game to get fans from everywhere. 

In June 1980, this game was released in Japan. However, the classic version of the pacman game was launched in October 1980in the US. It has many levels of achievements from the fans of the US. In a single year, it could hit 10000 units. With more and more people starting to know about this arcade game, it has become a massively popular arcade game in history. 

How Google is related To Pacman? 

PamMan is the oldest doodle of Google. This happened on the Pacman 30th anniversary which was held on 13th April 2010. Depending on the announcement made by Google about the changes in the algorithm, they started representing mathematical underpinning in the most stunning manner. Even if you search today for Pac-man doodle and the way it works, you will still find the links that will take you to the first doodle post ever. 

5 Coolest Facts About Pacman: 

Pacman has already turned 30. However, you must know about the five cool things about this classic arcade game. 

  • The Pacman was a game created by the designers who never have heard about it. However, due to some legal restrictions, the very first few letters had to be altered. 
  • In 2017, Pacman celebrated its 30th anniversary. This is about 30 years old now and yet it has the similar number of fans that any new game has. 
  • No more Americans would take away the appreciation as it was a Japanese who created this game. The name of the mastermind behind this is Toshio Iwatani.
  • Namco later changed the name from Puck-Man to Pac-man. Since puck seems like a vulgar term to Japanese, it was changed to Pacman. 
  • The team of Google also created a special image for the 30th anniversary. This will keep changing every time you search for the game. The last count was more than 10 million hits. 

Irrespective of the experience level that you might have, Pac-Man is a game that would certainly not need any expertise. You will still be able to play the game and enjoy its simplicity and fun fact from the very first time. 

How to play Pacman Google Doodle? 

Google keeps changing the logo on any special event but have never changed the logo into a playing game until the 30th anniversary of Pacman. All you need is to simply click the button and the game will automatically start. You can also play it any number of times and enjoy the game. 

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