Get To Know The Good Reasons Why To Opt IoT eSIM

With the growing Information and technology, people can switch to any other network with the help of consumer IoT eSIM technology. While using traditional SIM cards, you need to visit the SIM store to get it changed physically. It causes extra roaming prices, which can be better spent on other business works.

If you want to know more about this technology, you need to contact the top provider of wireless cellular data like Celitech. They provide business with intelligent cellular connectivity that empowers mobile devices. They come with different plans of data roaming service, which helps you choose the best one that suits your device. They have developed the embedded SIM as per the standards and guidelines of GSMA.

 Why do you Need eSIM?

Some of the benefits of eSIM are shown as below:

  • Swap Profiles: create and use multiple profiles on the same device.
  • Flexibility: It occupies less space and cheaper than existing SIM cards.
  • Roaming: It enables us to migrate between Network service providers.
  • Load multiple profiles: you can remotely access the device through Wifi.
  •  IoT deployments: you can easily change the profiles from a unified control platform.

Enhanced Scalability

When it needs to enter a global market, it takes a lot of time and effort to impress new customers. For example, if you are introducing any IoT devices in a new place, it involves many tasks from signing a new contract to getting approval and much more.

When your new devices are equipped with IoT eSIM technology, it will ease the burden of introducing your business in the tech market. Even if you want to grow your business in any other city, you can make it remotely with connected devices. This helps you save physical swapping and roaming costs.

Last Longing Performance

The traditional SIM devices which people are still using require a small hole and tray where the SIM card has to be inserted. Water and dust particles may likely enter the chip hole and cause severe damage to the device.

While using eSIM technology, there is no need to repair your smart devices for such unnecessary damages. As it is equipped with waterproof devices, flood prediction and water monitoring are extremely easy.


While manufacturing IoT devices, it is virtually embedded with eSIM. Hence, it is quite impossible to take out an eSIM from any IoT devices. Hence, you can rest assured that your smart devices work perfectly no matter what. If your device is stolen, you can easily track the location. With the eSIM, one can reduce the potential risk of unnecessary authentication.

Improved Design

As there is no need for a SIM card tray, you can use it without hassle. It is essential when it comes to Cellular IoT Medical devices and IoT wearables. This amazing technology comes with new capabilities and functionalities at a reasonable price. The blend of long-lasting battery life and powerful performance makes it the best one in the global market.


As technology evolves, new IoT devices embedded with eSIM are coming into the global market.  The IoT eSIM is going to change the way we live and interact with others.

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