Getting a Gold Facial? Here’s All You Need To Know to Restore the Radiance on Your Face

gold facial

For generations, people have appreciated the benefits of using gold on the skin. Historically, kings and queens used gold in skin treatments and makeup products. Even today, premium skincare and makeup products are formulated with gold as an ingredient. 

Among the many skin treatments, the gold facial enjoys a special place. Owing to the rich properties of gold, a gold facial is not only an experience of indulgence but a perfect way to rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

Enter the World of Extravagant Skincare!

Since gold facials are more expensive than regular skincare products, many brands offer use-at-home kits. 

Choosing the right brand

With many brands offering the best facial kit for glowing skin, you need to look for a brand known for its diligence and commitment to quality. For example, Lotus Herbals offers many options for different skin types. Their gold facial kits are 100% naturally formulated and among the most cost-effective products on the market. 

Identifying the best kit

The method of extravagant skincare may sound tempting to all, but always make sure you pick a kit based on your skin type. Are you looking to restore the radiance? Or are you looking for an indulgent experience for the first time? Whatever the reason, it is crucial to look for naturally formulated products. Natural products will make the skin look radiant for a longer time. 

Using the Best Facial Kit for Glowing Skin

Among the several gold facial kits offered by Lotus Herbals, Radiant Gold Facial Kit Combo is known for delivering excellent results in terms of glow and radiance.

The kit contains four face sachets – Radiant Gold Exfoliating Cleanser, Radiant Gold Activator, Radiant Gold Massage Creme, and Radiant Gold Mask. This product is perfect for getting a salon-like radiance at home. Made with natural ingredients, the product is considered the best facial kit for glowing skin as it helps you get flawless skin in no time.

Now that you know how to buy and use a gold facial let’s discuss the several benefits of a gold facial. 

Benefits of a Gold Facial

  • Anti-Inflammatory: Gold is said to be anti-inflammatory. People with sensitive skin don’t need to worry about the adverse effects of a gold facial. A gold facial kit with natural ingredients ensures a soothing effect on all skin types. 
  • Anti-Ageing: The anti-ageing properties of gold facial make this skin treatment extremely beneficial to the skin. People of all ages enjoy a good facial, but for those who have reached their 30s, facials help with radiant skin. You will feel pampered while your skin will glow for days.
  • Reduces Sun Damage: Sun damage is the primary cause of skin diseases and allergies. Many people suffer from severe skin problems after being exposed to harmful UV rays. Gold is known to minimise sun damage and soothe the skin. Go for a gold facial after returning from a trip to the beach to combat the adverse effects of sunburn. 
  • Detoxifying: Another benefit of a gold facial is that it ensures detoxification of the skin. The skin has to endure a lot owing to heavy makeup, sweat, and harmful sun rays. It needs detoxification from time to time. To counter the effects of all these elements, choose the best facial kit for glowing skin that detoxifies the skin and restores its natural glory. 
  • Improves Blood Circulation: A good facial does a lot more than just ensuring glowing skin and complexion; it also improves your blood circulation. People suffering from skin problems, like open pores and acne, need to improve blood circulation in their facial muscles. A gold facial increases blood flow, adding to its softness and suppleness.


Gold has several beneficial properties that include anti-ageing, retaining the skin’s natural radiance, and improving suppleness. So, buying a gold facial kit for the home can do wonders for your skincare routine. Gold facial kits come with a set of easy instructions, making these kits easy to use and adopt in your skincare routine. By investing in a gold facial, you can get glowing skin from time to time.

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