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Elevator shoes are custom orthotics designed to adjust and change various aspects of one’s gait, posture, equilibrium, and a few other factors. While first thoughts may conjure thoughts of oversized, black vinyl paperweights on your feet, modern footwear can be tailored to any foot in any style.

Benefits at a Glance

While height alteration is a pretty apparent reason to buy elevator shoes, things like posture correction and other subtle, physical changes can also be achieved. This guide will give you an idea of whether elevator shoes can improve your life and well-being.


Cause for Attraction

In today’s modern world, finding a partner can be challenging enough. Throw in variables from career, lifestyle, availability, and other aspects of two humans coming together. It’s no wonder we have a population at all. You can get a lift with elevator shoes, so you don’t have to feel intimidated by taller people you’re looking to get face to face with.

Gait way to Feeling Better (Walk Control)

Another often overlooked advantage to elevator shoes is that they can significantly change how you walk. It’s not all clubbed foot correctional shoes anymore, and if you favor one foot or other, you can correct the wear and feel on that particular foot. In addition, this can lead to improved posture.

Not Just Posturing (Posture Alignment)

Posture plays a large part in our overall health, and your spine is the column that upholds the framework of your entire body. It is fragile and malleable with time. Slouching, gravity, any number of reasons change our posture, and over time, our overall posture alignment changes. Elevator shoes can help adjust the way you walk and, by extension, how you hold yourself. In the end, elevator shoes can help save you a lot of back pain and future mobility issues.

Top Shelf (Height Addition)

The most apparent and most common use for elevators is, of course, elevation. Many get heightening shoes, commonly called “lifters,” to compensate for lack of height or the perception of scarcity. The truth is the world accommodates people of all measurements and sizes. On the other hand, lifters can help raise one’s confidence if one has a height issue. It can also feel pretty good to reach things on a higher shelf at the store without the need for tiptoes.

Where to Get Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes come in many makes and models, almost as diverse as non-specialty footwear. Sneakers, boots, safety shoes, and nearly every shoe with a heel can be modified to be elevational. It’s a matter of personal choice. There are specialty stores that carry elevator shoes, such as guidomaggi where you can design your entire elevator shoe from tongue to heel.

The designer shoe is the way to if you want more than just one or one and a half inches in height. You can increase your height by as much as six inches if you’re willing to pay a little extra for it.

Off the Shelf

Many major retailers like Amazon and Men’s Big and Tall carry elevator shoes. You’ll find them in boots, work boots, and sneakers—generally any enclosed shoe. You will notice, though, that off-the-rack elevator shoes typically max out their height addition at three inches.

The Cost of Height

Most people assume that elevator shoes will cost an extreme amount more than standard footwear. You can get elevator shoes for between $180-600, depending on what you want. The higher-end shoes are custom-tailored to your foot dimensions, gait symmetry, and weight. Generally, shoe wraps and patterns are more vibrant and prominent when paying more.

Lower cost elevator shoes are the same as expensive ones, except you usually won’t find all the bells and whistles: standard styles and pattern designs. The variety may be less as well, but the shoe will do what it’s supposed to no matter what you paid.

Do You Have To Be Short?

Many people of varying heights get elevator shoes. For taller people, problems with the knees, ankles, and spine become more evident and troublesome over time. Gravity, pressure, and general wear and tear cause the body to undergo painful and inconvenient changes with the leg and foot joints.

Custom elevator shoes not only alleviate some pressure and strain, they properly distribute the weight through your walk so that you feel better and lighter on your feet. This can help taller people who are having a tough time maybe with a lot of sitting or standing at a time especially.

Gaining Ground Professionally

There is a lot of debate on this topic but if you do the math, it looks as though the top ten percent of all earners globally are over six feet tall. The debate comes from the fact that some of the richest people in the world are also incredibly tall. This leads many to debate the validity of the data regarding the height of top earners saying that the data is skewed. Whether you believe it or not, there is no harm in wearing your elevator shoes to work.

A Reasonable Alternative

If you don’t want to pay full price for a new pair of elevator shoes, you can always try elevating insoles. These lightweight insoles are easily placed in the shoe and provide up to three inches in height. They function the same as other elevator shoes but a word of caution. Make sure you try them to make sure the shoe you put them in has enough room to allow for comfort. Being tall and uncomfortable isn’t a good mix.

Are Elevator Shoes Right For Me?

No matter what reason you may have for wearing guidomaggi elevator shoes, they are definitely for everyone. Height does add a sense of confidence and can make you feel more natural. It also gives the appearance of slimness if desired. The price is fair, the effect is great and they are available so why not walk a mile in a taller person’s shoes. You may be surprised by how good it feels.

Closing The Gait

Before buying elevator shoes, do some research into which ones suit your needs best. Source out the best deal. Sometimes independent, online drop shopping stores have great deals on elevator shoes. If you do decide to invest in them, it is highly recommended to save to get a custom pair. They feel better, last longer and ultimately save you a lot of pain. Literally and figuratively.

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