Gmail vs. Hotmail 2022 Comparison

Why is Gmail better than Hotmail? Is one better than the other? We’ve never had a better question to answer on the Right Inbox blog… ever.

In my opinion, Gmail is the best. What’s the reason for that? In the past few years, Hotmail has been rebranded as Outlook. The Hotmail service is no longer available. This one goes to Gmail by default.

Nevertheless, we’ve written an in-depth comparison of Outlook and Gmail that you should check out. You can read more about Hotmail’s past and its rebrand below.

What Is The History of Hotmail?

The email service provider Hotmail launched in 1996 and quickly became a worldwide success. The tool was popular enough to be acquired by MSN in 1997 for more than $400 million and become part of their suite of tools.

Hotmail and Yahoo were under a lot of pressure when Gmail was launched in 2004 since it had better features and was offered free of charge.

Even after Windows Live Hotmail was updated in 2005, Hotmail was unable to compete.

Upgrades to Outlook were made available to Hotmail users in 2012 as part of Microsoft’s release of Outlook. Afterward, they could choose between keeping their existing Hotmail account or getting a new Outlook account.

Microsoft made a good move with this move. Despite this, they continue to compete with Gmail.

Do you still have the option of signing up for a Hotmail account?

Unfortunately, no. Users who chose to keep their email addresses when Outlook took over can still access them, but new users will not be able to access Hotmail. However, if you are a potential user of the old Hotmail and want to sign into it, then there are methods available using which you can able to access and see your old Hotmail sign-in activity.

What is The Comparison Between Both Email providers?

Hotmail is no longer around, so it’s impossible to compare it to Gmail since Hotmail does not exist as an email service provider. But, if you forget your Gmail account login password, then in Gmail, it is comparatively easier than in Hotmail.

We’ve previously compared Gmail to several other service providers on the Right Inbox blog, as we’re big fans of the service. 

Our top four reasons for loving Gmail:

You get 15 GB of free storage with every Gmail account. Also, this applies to Gmail, Google Drive, and images within Google Photos, which is very generous.

You need to ensure your mobile app is up to date when your workers receive 120 email messages daily on average. Designed to be easy to use, the Gmail app has a great UX that doesn’t keep you in the app for very long.

However, according to Droidician, the improvements in Gmail’s productivity features, such as labels, filters, and automation, have kept its head and shoulders above the competition.

Adding a Gmail extension to your inbox can help you achieve whatever you want. Inbox tools like Right Inbox and Grammarly let you know who opens your emails, while Zoom lets you start a Zoom call. Meanwhile, if you have a Roku device, then you can check the top list of Roku web browsers

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