Guest Expectations From Hotel Stay & Ways To Fullfill It

Guest Expectations From Hotel Stay

A hotel is a business that’s built on providing service to people. A hotel is not just a building with sheets on the beds and pillows to sleep on; it has to provide a service that fulfills modern guest’s needs while they stay in the hotel. However, in many cases, hoteliers aim to provide their guests with everything that they are looking for. But, I failed to meet the customer’s expectations of the hotel. It might happen that you remain unknown to the persona of your guests and their modern needs. After all, the formula to win your guest’s hearts is to find out what guests expect from the hotel + what you can do to fulfill them = guest satisfaction that they dream of. Read the full article to win your guest’s hearts. And escalate your bookings like never before.

Let’s get started by learning about the types of hotel guests who stay in your hotel, their expectations, and their solutions.

Expectations Of Different Types Of Guests And Solutions

Every hotelier wants to read his guest’s thoughts. Expectations may be very person-to-person. But, it’s an impossible task to meet each and everyone’s needs. Therefore we have divided hotel guests into 5 types so that you can find out what they might look for in their hotel stay. Plus, if you want to deep dive into the types of hotel guests to know their minds better, check out this guide to attract different types of hotel Guests.

1. Gen Z Travelers

Recently graduated students, or high school students, and basically, the younger generation who take the time out for fun from their studies are called Gen Z travelers. They are super tech-savvy and budget conscious. Let’s see what they expect from a hotel stay.


 These young tech-savvy travelers are prone to using high-speed internet, super cool room ambiance, cultural foods & drinks, games and contactless payments & orders, and the lowest pricing possible.


 The hotel room preference lists of these types of travelers are not that big. All you have to provide them is a nice, luxurious-looking hotel room with WIFI and online ordering services. Provide them with information and discount coupons for nearby cultural attractions. and the best competitive pricing compared to other hotels. If your pricing is great, GenZ travelers will find your hotel out of the blue. To set the best price for your guests, learn the fundamentals of yield management pricing strategy. Ultimately, it’s a doorway to acquire not only Gen Z travelers but others as well.

 2. Business Travelers

 Travelers who stay in a hotel to attend business meetings, events, and conferences fall into the category of business travelers.


These travelers seek a decent ambiance, delicious food, restful sleep, and a place where they do business meetings. They require fast service, immaculate places, and highly professional waiters to make a good impression on their clients. 


How to meet guest experience for these types of travelers is not that complex. In order to provide these customers with premium services like super fast and reliable internet connection, trained waiters, a decent ambiance, and furniture for meetings set up in the room are everything they need. The best thing is, there is no risk of investing to fulfill their needs. Because, as a fact, most business trips are at the company’s expense. Therefore, for business travelers, money is not an issue; all they want is premium service. So, the return is pretty massive.

Family Travelers

These types of travelers generally make travel plans once or twice a year to have a good time with their families. These travelers save money for a long time just to bring fun and excitement to their monotonous lives. Of course, family travelers are a little budget-conscious, but they are willing to spend money on things they find valuable for them.


These types of travelers often come with kids and kids love fun & excitement. Clean & decent ambiance, affordable food, wifi, games, and a swimming pool are everything they need to have fun. Rather than the hotel, they also tend to explore historical popular places in the city. Plus, to gain intensive knowledge about family traveler’s preferences, also read about tips for choosing the best family hotels for vacations.


To fulfill family travelers’ expectations, investing in games could be the best thing you can do. If your hotel already has a pool, that’s great. But, it would be icing on the cake if there were slides or a few water games so they could have the best time of their lives. Plus, to help them visit the best spots in the city, you can offer them guides, maps, and discount coupons.

4.Digital Nomads

Post-pandemic enables people to live their dream life. Lots of digital marketers, content, and tech guys have turned to freelance or have started their own remote businesses.


Digital nomads like this need an affordable hotel with super high-speed internet, a less noisy place to focus on their work while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. And, amazing leisure in the evening. 


 The hotel room requirement list of digital nomads is sweet and simple. Just high-speed internet, a comfy bed to sleep in, or an arrangement to work. Digital nomads tend not to stay in rooms. Of course, working in a room is not the sole purpose of staying in a hotel. They love to meet new people, have nice food, and explore new places. Create a cafe-type ambiance in your hotel where they can work, meet a few faces and enjoy. Plus, having a disc & swimming pool in your hotel is also a great idea for providing what your digital guests expect from a hotel.

 5. Senior Citizen

Travel is for everyone. Senior citizens plan trips after getting retired or once a year. This type of guest is often price-sensitive. They only choose to spend money when it’s necessary. However, in most cases, senior citizens travel with their families. But, like other types of guests, they also have some expectations. Let me explain. What are the 3 important expectations of hotel guests, especially for senior citizens?


 Along with the basic expectations like a leisure room, nice ambiance, and delicious food. Old retired citizens require guidance, luggage drop, and pickup services, and helpful & kind hotel employees. 


Train waiters and service providers to be kind to the senior citizens, help them with luggage and guide them to the special food and places they can enjoy.  


 We hope you enjoyed our blog post on what guests expect from a hotel stay. In this post, we’ve explained that different types of hotel guests are looking for different things out of their stay when booking a hotel. This will surely help you to know your guests better so you can provide them with what they actually need in their hotel. Also, have them enjoy the stay they will never forget. In effect, they would leave valuable positive reviews and ratings for your hotel, which will ultimately create a phenomenal image of your hotel for hotel booking seekers.

 when it comes to a hotel’s rooms. A hotel room is the last straw a guest sees before they decide to either stay or not stay at a particular hotel. This blog will look at what guests expect from their rooms, what can you do to fulfill their expectations, and how you can make your hotel room the best it can be.

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