Hairpieces like wigs or wavy hair are very popular among women these days. As their popularity grows, so does their demand for consumer needs. That’s why HD Lace was born. So, today we are going to share with you one of the hottest looking hair pieces recently, namely the HD lace wig and glueless lace front wig.

What is an HD lace wig?

  “HD” means high definition and is invisible when applied to the scalp. This allows wig wearers to have an exposed hairline that looks very natural and the hairline is unrecognizable. This lace is ideal for women who suffer from short hair lines, so that they can get the desired shape.

  The hd lace wigs offer the thinnest material, soft, almost invisible, and lighter than ordinary lace. HD wigs blend perfectly with your skin, creating an unrecognizable hairline.

  These wigs are just like any other wig that can be dyed, bleached and dyed with your skin. Also, another great aspect of this wig is that the knots are already being bleached so you don’t have to.

Advantages and disadvantages of HD lace wig

There are advantages to HD lace wig,

  • HD lace wigs are made with the highest and most advanced quality of materials.
  • The material is the thinnest ever, offering a soft, light and invisible lace.
  • Combines perfectly with all skin tones, no bleach needed.
  • Unidentified hairline.
  • When applied, it easily melts into the skin.
  • Lightweight and thin.
  • Soft and smooth feeling for it.
  • Extremely realistic.
  • Reduces scalp irritation.
  • Crystal line structure of lace.

Disadvantages of HD lace wig.

  • Lace is thin so it must be very delicate so that you do not tear the fabric.
  • It can be expensive.

What are glueless lace front wigs?

Simply put, glueless lace front wigs are wigs that provide protection and shape to the front without the need for glue, tape, gel or spray. These wigs are designed with adjustable straps and / or combs, strategically placed to ensure a good fit and are non-slip. The location of the straps and comb is determined entirely by the manufacturer.

How do you secure a glueless lace wig?

There are two ways to protect your adhesive lace front wig without it. These wigs come with a comb inside the mesh. Combs are placed at the top, sometimes in the temple, and at the back near the nape of your neck. These combs can also be adjusted for your comfort level. Use a comb to attach your wig to the base of your hair. They are best used when the wig is already naturally snug and fit.

Another way to protect your frontal wig is to use elastic straps. These straps are made inside the wig and are used on the nape of your neck. They offer different slots to make the wig bigger or smaller as needed. Most straps are made of stretched material with a plastic clip on each side. Then add them to secure your wig. If the prefabricated elastic is too small, choose an adjustable elastic band that you can sew on your mesh cap. These bands are flexible and wide all around.

Step-by-step guide to securing your glueless lace front wig

Before securing your adhesive lace front wig, make sure you have purchased the right wig. Your wig should have a comb inside your wig and include adjustable straps at the back of the wig. Your comb should be placed in different places on your front, including the top, bottom and temple area. Now let’s start with how to apply your glueless full lace wig.

  1. Braid your hair down. The fastest and easiest way to style your hair is on a straight pack. Start at the front of your hair line and braid up to your nape and repeat until you are done. If your hair’s hanging down, tie it in your braids. Remember, your tops should be flat when wearing a flat wig.
  2. Clean your hair with a cotton swab using alcohol or witch hazel.
  3. Pinch your lace wig into the ponytail to make sure there is no flight.
  4. Place the wig on your hair and place the comb in your foundation starting from the front to the back. You may have to adjust at different times to find a good fit.
  5. If applicable, adjust your caps and hold together while adjusting the elastic in the back.
  6. Once properly styled, cut the extra lace from the hairline of your wig, paying close attention to that part to make sure you don’t cut any hair.
  7. Sweep your baby’s hair (if applicable).
  8. Remove the top of your wig and style accordingly.

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