Hiring a General vs Niche Brand Design Agency in London

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Are you in the process of looking for a brand design agency to hire? Expert assistance can be exactly what your strategy needs and you can ensure that your business appeals to the right audience

But, there are a lot of brand design agencies in London. Namely, you are going to come across general agencies that take on clients from different industries. Then, you are going to have niche brand design agencies that only take on certain businesses from specific industries. What type of agency is going to be the best choice?

Hiring a General Branding Agency 

First of all, let’s consider a general branding agency. Often, this can be a larger company that they are willing to take on almost any business. They are going to have a knowledgeable team on the basics of branding and how you can emerge in the market. Think about this type of agency as trying to be the jack of all trades. Is this going to be a good thing? 

Well, it will depend on what industry you are in. This agency is going to know what works generally when it comes to brand strategy and design. In other words, they know the basics and they might be able to assist you in your goals. But, where they might show weakness is in certain industries where there are special regulations and more intricacies when it comes to branding. So, if you are in a complicated industry, a general branding agency might not be able to offer you the expertise you are looking for.

Choosing a Niche Brand Design Agency

When you hear the term ‘niche’ brand design agency, there are some people that jump to the wrong conclusions. They believe that the team is going to be limited in knowledge and only have a certain amount of experience. However, this is not true. In fact, choosing a niche brand design agency can be more beneficial that choosing a larger and more general company. Here is why.

This type of agency zones in on certain industries. They specialise in offering assistance to certain brands because they know them inside and out. For example, Recipe Design offers its expertise to healthcare, consumer healthcare and home brands. You can learn more on the link about their services. But, the point is, they are experts when it comes to complicated industries and this means that your brand can get the assistance it requires. 

Thus, niche brand design agencies are experts in their industries. They have experience only dealing with brands in their area, which means they have seen everything before. This is certainly not a disadvantage and it can give your brand the special attention it needs. Not all industries are the same and some principles that would work in one will not work in another. So, you want to look for experts that are going to help your brand if you are in a complicated market.

Make Your Decision Carefully

Of course, the decision is all yours when it comes to a brand design agency in London. One thing’s for sure, there are plenty of options. You may decide that you like a general agency for what you need. Alternatively, if you are going through rebranding or require specialist knowledge for your industry, you are going to be better off with a niche brand design agency.

The most important thing is that you do your research before hiring an agency. This means looking at their specialisms and experience. You can always check out testimonials and reviews from previous clients to see what type of assistance they have received. Often, agencies will have case studies or a portfolio available for you to view. It is recommended that you take look and you can gain a better idea of the brands they have worked with and what they are able to achieve.

Do not be afraid to ask questions before hiring a team. It is a big decision to work with a brand design agency and you need to ensure you are making the right choice. Contact the agency and find out about their process and whether they think they can help you with your business goals. Take your time with this process and talk to several agencies. While having a lot of choices can seem overwhelming at first, it is a good thing. It means that there is an option out there that can help every brand.

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