How Bong Hits Make for a Cooler Smoking Experience

Bongs now come in different modern designs with innovative features and technology that remove the unpleasant components. Bongs are considered the healthiest way to enjoy a hit of your favorite herb, thanks to the water filtration that takes place when producing the smoke.

Many smoking enthusiasts believe that the water filtration system in a bong effectively removes carcinogens from the smoking experience. Beyond this, many prefer water bongs because of their historical significance, versatility, incomparable flavor, and efficiency.

Why is a Bong a Good Way to Smoke?

The primary reason smokers prefer a bong to other traditional glass pipes is because of its water filtration. When you smoke from glass pipes or other smoking devices, you have a high chance of inhaling tar or burnt ash. With bongs, you never have to worry about this. The water in the water bongs traps in the ash and inhibits the debris from the burnt marijuana.

This prevents the tars and debris from going in with the smoke into the tube or your mouth. Not only does it trap tars and debris, but it is also touted for maintaining a strong reputation for filtering smoke-borne toxins and harmful carcinogens that come with burnt weed. A bong is undoubtedly superior to other smoking devices because of its ease of use and low possibility of clogging.

How Water Filtration makes for a Cooler Hit and Less Irritation

Water filtration is critical if you want a perfect and cooler hit with heightened flavor and reduced irritation. As mentioned, water bongs filter tars and resins from the smoke generated from your burnt weed. If you look at the water in your bong after your smoking session, you will see that it has turned brown. The color change is the result of trapped debris and tars.

It is recommended that you maintain the cleanliness of your bong to ensure you get the best cooling and filtration possible for everything you smoke. When you smoke through dirty and clogged water, you get an unpleasant smoking experience. Dirty bongs also compromise the aroma and flavor of even the best quality concentrates or herbs.

Thanks to the advancement in the technology of bong development, the device has gone through a series of improvements over the years. Today, many new glycerin coils, percolators, and more new features are available to enhance and maximize users’ smoking experiences. If you want to get the smoothest hits from your bong, you may want to add an ash catcher to your water bong.

With this, you will get better water filtration and a smoother smoking experience. The ash catcher will also trap any ash before it finds its way into the bong. This ensures you have a clean and functional bong and accessory to use every time for exceptional performance.

Step-by-step Guide to Smoke a Bong

Of course, if you are a weed connoisseur, there is a big chance that you know how to smoke from a water bong. However, if you are new to smoking or bongs, you may need a little bit of prep. But, you do not have to worry because you can get the hang of it without any issue. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to smoke from a gong and get a cooler hit.

Step 1: Fill your bong with cool or hot water.

The size and type of bong you have will determine the quantity of water you need. However, the rule of thumb is to fill the water a little above the percolator. If you newly bought your bong, it is recommended that you fill it up with a lot of water or clean and inhale hard. The water will run directly into your mouth. Spit it out and repeat the process until you get all the water out of the bong.

Step 2: Grind your herbs

To get a consistent grind, you should consider using an herb grinder. Of course, you can also use your finger. Make sure you grind the herbs thoroughly but not into fine dust. If your herb is too fine, it will go through the hole into the bowl. If it is not ground properly, it will not burn evenly. So, you have to get it as perfect as possible.

Step 3: Pack the herbs into the Bowl

The bowl sits in the joint of the bong. It is a funnel-shaped glass designed to hold dry herbs. Pack your grind herbs and place them into the bowl firmly. Do not pack the herbs too tightly to prevent airflow from going through. You should first pack a small bowl to get started.

Step 4: Light the herbs

Place the bong in your mouth using the mouthpiece. Make sure that your lips create a solid seal on the mouthpiece. Next, light the weed with a torch as you inhale to ignite your herbs. Keep inhaling as you circle the bowl with the flame.

When you have inhaled the right amount of smoke, stop the light. Wait for a few seconds and then pull out the bowl from the bong and continue inhaling until the main chamber of the bong is clear.

That is all it takes to smoke a bong. It is not so difficult, is it? Water bongs remain a top choice of smoking tools among smokers. Bongs are historical, artistry, efficiency, and flavor-preserving, to mention a few. Its water filtration ensures the delivery of the most astounding hits. Without a doubt, this device will continue to be a leader among other smoking devices for years to come.

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