How Can A Digital Operations Platform Boost Your Business Performance?

Businesses worldwide face the common challenge of keeping their systems connected. Business process services and systems need to evolve to keep up with the digital landscape. Fortunately, there are digital tools that can transform business operations into digital operations and thus make companies ready to respond to changes in the market.

Digital operations essentially denote the infusion of digital technologies with business processes to make them more agile, intelligent, automated, engaging, and connected. This eventually leads to delighted customers and better ROI.

But how is that true? Let us understand.

Importance of digital operations for businesses

The digital economy calls for businesses to build and deliver innovative products, services, and experiences to surpass customer expectations. This requires business processes to be agile, intelligent and digitally enabled. Using outdated technologies and business operating models can hinder a business’s ability to meet customer expectations and hinder transformation initiatives.

Digital operations can help businesses reimagine, re-engineer, create and run digital processes that drive performance by closing the gaps between business partners, suppliers, and customers. This is done through automation, insights, and digital operations platforms that ultimately leads to cost reduction, better customer satisfaction, and top-line business growth.

Digital operations platform – Key features and use cases

A digital operations platform helps with better business process management in the following ways –

Production tracking

Production tracking is used to measure, review, and improve activity throughout the development process. From the acquisition of raw materials to the shipping of final products, production tracking allows businesses to monitor each stage’s performance and correct issues in real-time through aggregate data that comes from monitoring all of your business activities.

Work instructions

In many operations, work instructions are paper documents. Each page describes a single step, and these pages are sorted and rearranged every time a new instruction sequence is needed to build a product. Digital work instructions help automate and digitally rearrange workflows, making managing paper-based work instructions simpler.

IoT and edge connectivity

By combining the connectivity of IoT devices with the visibility provided by edge analytics, manufacturers can offer an end-to-end digital look into their production processes. A digital operations platform (DOP) leverages this visibility to provide a holistic, real-time view of production.

Instantaneous Visual Data from the Internet of Things (IoT) connected tools and production machines can be fed back into company systems in near real-time, allowing companies to streamline operations and optimize material flows within the organization.

Native analytics

As covered in the sections above, a digital operations platform can help pull together everything from workflows to production tracking and management. Naturally, such a solution also allows native analytics visualization, enabling users to share operational data more flexibly across the enterprise, making it easier for everyone to visualize progress.

By providing native analytics within the platform, manufacturers can easily identify bottlenecks and deviations in productivity and efficiency across every production stage. Supervisors can then use this information to identify which operators are more productive and apply findings across other lines and assembly stations across the organization.

Enterprise-grade security

Data security is essential for manufacturers of all types, especially, operating in regulated environments like pharmaceutical, biotech, and aerospace/defense.

As a result, enterprise-grade security and governance features found in digital operations platforms enable businesses to convert analog operations workflows into instrumented, data collecting, digital processes without the need for complex system integrations or costly third-party support.


When it comes to business performance and operations, there are many things you simply can’t do without – like a platform that’s up-to-date, secure, and able to provide you with the insights you need to improve your business. A digital operations platform enables companies to improve efficiency, make better decisions, automate manual tasks, and collect valuable data.

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