How can Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses be helpful for doctors and nurses?

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass has started online training for more than twenty cosmetic treatment courses. Active students and students who already completed any of these courses are finding these very helpful for their careers.

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass is a new initiative by Dr Vi, who is a renowned and experienced cosmetic doctor with several cosmetic clinics under his forte. Dr Vi has said that his goal through this venture is to help students willing to learn better cosmetic procedures. Students have found his mentorship very helpful as well. 

When asked, cosmetic trainee Lucy Abdalla says, “I took two courses and absolutely loved it. I really love the way that the course was run. The doctor and staff were kind and very patient. We had a chance to learn anatomy as well as get hands-on training which was the best I’ve ever had”. Lucy took the Lip filler training course, which is mentored by Dr Vi.

Krystal Ackroyd has previously completed training with Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass, and she still found these courses helpful. She says, “I completed training there around three years ago as well as doing a refresher course last year and despite the length of time since my training with Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass they still respond efficiently to all my emails and questions. They continue to be extremely helpful and supportive!”

Another of the Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass’s students, Chris Duncan says “I am an Advanced Injector from Australia and have been following Dr Vi for years, I recently took his Artistic Transformation course for medical providers and his teaching is definitely top-notch!!!”. 

Melissa Clark, a cosmetic practitioner reviewed, “It was worth every penny. I’m already looking into repeating the class and attending many more. They are so passionate about what they do, and Dr Vihang’s skill and artistic eye are unmatched”. Melissa took an artistic facial transformation course and has found that it has polished her skills as well as kept her up to date with new advancements in the field of cosmetic medical science.

Not only medical students but also cosmetic doctors and nurses who are established practitioners have also found value and help through these courses. Other students who have completed online cosmetic training from Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass said that they are very likely to recommend these courses to others. 
Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass courses have received over 1000 highest-rated reviews for their courses. The cost of each course varies depending upon the vivacity of the course, but students have said that compared to other places, this is well worth the time and money. The courses are affordable to everyone wishing to learn. Visit for more information, and sign up today!

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