How Can You Build a Huge Following on Instagram?

People tend to form tribes. It’s in our nature to feel comfortable with people who share similar interests or ideas with us. On social media, the idea of tribe manifests itself as communities of like-minded individuals gathering around one person, place, thing or concept. There are several communities on Instagram.

Instagram doesn’t tell us, but I’ve noticed some of the major categories of the Instagram community.

People who share their thoughts or ideas. You can see these kinds of people sharing their written content on Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest and sometimes on their blogs too. Reddit is an example of such a community.

People who share their photos. Instagram is an example of this kind of online community. You can find people sharing beautiful, interesting, or funny photographs to communicate with other like-minded individuals. And you can also spot these communities on 500px and Flickr.

There are many ways Instagrammers can build they’re following such as:

Target the right audience with hashtags

Targeting the right audience is important if you want to build a huge following on Instagram. Followers on Instagram are not created equally. Some users have a huge following, some a medium-sized one, and others a small one. This also means that people who follow you will not be equally influential for your business. Your hashtags must reflect your desired target group if you want to build an Instagram audience.

Don’t use hashtags that have a large follower pool but are not relevant to your brand or business. In my case, I target people who love reading and writing fiction so I tend to use hashtags like #books, #writersofinstagram, etc. Make sure to choose the perfect time to post on Instagram These hashtags have a small number of posts per day but most of them are relevant to my brand. If you have a real estate business then you might want to use hashtags with a large follower pool that is related to your niche, for example, #realestate, etc.

Sponsored Posts 

People usually buy Instagram likes Australia for their posts so that it will be liked by thousands of people. This is one of the effective methods brands use for their business, brand or product promotion. Using optimal hashtags can also help to gain more likes by expanding the reach of your Instagram posts


You can collaborate with Influencers who have a lot of followers. This will help Best site to buy Instagram followers account grow at an exponential rate. You can also use hashtags for this purpose.

Using automation tools/apps 

These apps or tools are designed for Instagrammers who want their Instagram followers accounts automated. There are some best sites to buy Instagram followers available in the market, but many have false promises, so be careful when purchasing them. Some do not deliver what is promised and customers get bots instead of real Instagram fans. 

Buy from a Best site to buy Instagram followers  

It is also an effective method of getting Instagram followers for your profile. The best site to buy Instagram followers can be chosen from a variety of packages and purchase them conveniently online. However, you must pick the best package that fits their needs and budget. There are many providers available in the market who offers this service at affordable rates with high-quality results.

Social Exchange 

Instagram marketing has various options for social media marketing. One of the options is called Social Exchange. This means that you are exchanging likes, followers, views, etc. with other profiles on Instagram. The more people who are following you, the higher chance of your profile being seen by others which then leads them to come back.

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