How did Peppa Pig die in the alternate past?

How did Peppa Pig die

You wouldn’t think a kids show like Peppa Pig could inspire a dark fan theory, but here we are.

Peppa Pig’s alternate backstory is not for show children.

How did Peppa Pig die in the alternate past?

On Wattpad, a social storytelling platform, a fan with the username animegogo created a fan fiction series called “Time to destroy your childhood!”. Imagine that all the Peppa Pig characters are dead and what TV viewers see are the characters raised as animals.

The alternative backstory said: “Peppa was never a healthy child.  She was usually sick and spent her short life in a hospital bed.

“One night, Peppas’ parents decided it would be better if they euthanized him.

“So that night, Peppa fell asleep and was injected with poison that killed her.

“It makes Peppa want to be a fairy because her last dream was about fairies.”

Did Peppa Pig die in real history?

The real backstory is nothing but childish ease, so no, Peppa Pig didn’t die.

Peppa Pig is four years old and the show is dedicated to Peppa’s family and friends.

There are eight successful children’s show series so far.

The only major change in Peppa’s character is that she is no longer pronounced by Hayley Bird – Peppa is now pronounced by Amelie Bea Smith.

Are there other Peppa Pig backstory alternatives?

The alternative backstory is also theorized that Peppa’s parents wouldn’t live in guilt over Peppa’s death, so one day Daddy Pig exploded and killed himself, but not before Mummy Pig and George were also killed.

The fan thought of the sad backstory for the other characters, such as Suzy Sheep who was hit by a truck and her mother who died of a drug overdose shortly after.

They suggested that the reason viewers didn’t see Suzy and Mr. Zebra on one stage together was because he drove the truck that killed Suzy.

Meanwhile Peter is killed by bullies, so he doesn’t have many friends on the show. Eventually, the theory ends with Grandma Pig, who was the last to die.

“Grandma Pig is schizophrenic and still takes a lot of medication.  All of Peppa Pig’s characters are all she loves”.

She continued: “Grandma Pig was a widow, grieving and completely alone. So his schizophrenia took over and brought him to a world where his loved ones are alive and well ”.

There are other dark fantasies surrounding the children’s show on channels like Reddit.

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