How Do I Stretch a Picture to Make It Larger?

People like photos. People take pictures to keep the token of a memorable hangout or prepare for any official purpose.

No matter what, the photo has to be nice and perfect. But what if you need to enlarge the size a bit or edit to make it a perfect size?

Worry not. This article will let you know how to stretch an image yourself in the easiest way.

How do I stretch a picture to make it larger?

Did you ever open one of your windows’ very beginning built-in apps? You can stretch your photo very easily there. But let’s put it aside for now.

We will talk about something not casual. And anyway, you don’t want to waste your valuable time and prefer something official.

Crop the Photo

Let’s assume we have to enlarge a rectangular photo horizontally to make it a square. Photoshop will do enough for a beginner like you, but if you are not familiar with it, you can use a free crop image editor. Let’s begin with the <Crop Tool>.

  • Click on the picture, then a right-click. 
  • Select the square format.
  • After that, drag the square box to make a bigger area than the picture. 
  • Click again in the box and then another right-click. 
  • This time select the <Crop> option.

Duplicate the Layer

Now, duplicate the layer of the picture. You can have the menu from the right side of the interface.

  • Take a right-click on <Background> and click <Duplicate Layer>.
  • Further comes the <Rectangular Marquee> tool at the left side of the interface.
  • Select the area you want to enlarge, like selecting a cropping area.

If there is any object in the picture you don’t want to change or modify, like someone’s face or structure, avoid that portion.

There might be nothing like any specific thing to keep unchanged. In that case, do the same thing without paying any extra attention to any specific area. That means- select the whole picture.

  • Do a right-click on the selection area and select <Free transform>. 
  • Again, take a right-click on the same area and select <Distort>.

N.B: You can keep the person’s structure either unchanged or let it have a reshape. If it’s about the whole picture, the subject or a person gets reshaped simultaneously.

Drag it, and it’s done

There are tiny squares. 

  • Drag the selected area to the left or right (where you need it) by putting the mouse’s pointer on a tiny square. 
  • Now, click on the <Move Tool> and then click <Apply> as an option will appear on the screen. 
  • Finally, deselect the portion you have enlarged, and it’s done. 

If there is another side of the photo to enlarge, do the same process in the respective direction.

The background may turn to blur or may not.

You can have a landscape photo into a square one again- that means stretching vertically. So, can you recall the procedure?

Why don’t you scroll up and take a look? Do the process once again the same way.

You can practice and try adding extra effect or touch with another tool. Or, how about something new? You may have questions like- what if the stretch is applied in the center of the picture? Or, could it be better if the background were blurred?

You must have the idea that art never follows a bookish guide all the time. Rather, it flourishes when rules are broken, and a fresh one appears.

For example, you can stretch a picture without the distortion that somehow directs differently from what we discussed. You’ve got it right. Never stop stretching out your knowledge for what you want.

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Last Words

I hope the tutorial was easy enough for a beginner. It was not the only way a person could answer how do I stretch a picture to make it larger? And, there is not a single application you can stick to. Apart from that, how you want to get a picture completely depends on your need.

So, try the process narrated above several times and share it with friends. It would be beneficial and enjoyable both once you find something new from the basic appliance of the tools. For now again, good luck with more learning.

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